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Nova Biomedical

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Nova Biomedical Exhibits IVD Testing Solutions for POC and Critical Care at MEDICA 2022

By LabMedica International staff writers
Posted on 13 Nov 2022
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Image: EMS Stat is a portable system for use in the emergency department to determine GLU, KET, LAC, Hb and HCT (Photo courtesy of Nova)
Image: EMS Stat is a portable system for use in the emergency department to determine GLU, KET, LAC, Hb and HCT (Photo courtesy of Nova)

Nova Biomedical (Waltham, MA, USA) is exhibiting its IVD testing solutions for point-of-care (POC) and critical care in the hospital and clinical areas at MEDICA 2022. MEDICA provides the medical device industry with a central market for innovative products and systems that result in an important contribution to the efficiency and quality of patient care.

On display at Nova’s booth is Allegro, a fast and compact POC capillary blood analyzer that offers a clinically important menu of 12 measured and individually selectable tests, as well as six calculated tests. All tests are measured with ready-to-use disposable cassettes or test strips and can be easily performed by non-technical personnel. Allegro uses a very small capillary blood drop for all blood tests, eliminating the need for venipuncture or a trained phlebotomist. With cartridge test times of six to nine minutes and the ability to measure two cartridges simultaneously, Allegro delivers fast results. Results are available during the patient visit - not after - making the patient-physician conversation more effective, reducing calls, letters and follow-up visits, and improving patient adherence to care recommendations.

Nova is also demonstrating EMS Stat, a portable system for use in the emergency department to determine GLU, KET, LAC, Hb and HCT. Stat EMS measures glucose, ketone bodies, lactate, hematocrit and hemoglobin from a capillary blood drop. Results are available within seconds, depending on the test. Combining disposable biosensor technology with portable electronics, Stat EMS provides simple, fast and accurate testing in the field. Stat EMS provides an important test menu for immediate patient assessment and faster, more effective emergency treatment. Stat EMS also assists in rapid triage and determining appropriate transport location for patients with trauma, sepsis or other special needs.

In addition, Nova is presenting the StatStrip Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Measurement System (StatStrip Hb/Hct), the only POC system that provides anemia screening and monitoring with measured rather than calculated Hb and Hct values. This important breakthrough is possible thanks to new, patented electrochemical technologies developed by Nova. Together with tiny capillary samples (1.6 µl) and results in 40 seconds, the StatStrip Hb/Hct improves clinical decision making at the POC. At MEDICA 2022, Nova is also showcasing BioProfile FLEX2 that combines Nova's breakthrough MicroSensor Card technology with optical sensing and freezing point osmometry to create an automated and comprehensive cell culture analyzer that eliminates chemical sensor maintenance, increases analyzer speed and reduces sample volume.

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