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Image: The Guardant360 gene panel is a technology capable of isolating circulating tumor DNA in blood to identify genomic alterations in tumor genomic panel. This test allows identify genomic alterations and match them to treatment options (Photo courtesy of Guardant Health).

Test Identifies More Treatable Cancer Mutations Than Biopsies

Standard of care therapies that target specific mutations have changed the face of cancer treatment, and screening for such mutations, which can be drivers of both disease growth and treatment resistance. This can often be done with a biopsy of tumor tissue, but sometimes that tissue is hard to obtain or does not have sufficient DNA for analysis. More...
22 Oct 2018
Image: The LightCycler 480 II is a high-performance, medium- to high-throughput PCR platform (Photo courtesy of Roche).

Novel Fecal Biomarker Found for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a lethal disease that has been rising in incidence during recent decades, placing an increasingly important burden on the healthcare system worldwide and gut microbial dysbiosis contributes to the development of this deadly disease. More...
17 Oct 2018
Image: A histopathology of interstitial lung disease showing acute injury with necrosis. Necrosis (N) is a harbinger of infection in an acutely ill patient. Infection always leads the differential diagnosis in this situation, even if special stains are negative (Photo courtesy of Professor K.O. Leslie).

Microbiome Alterations Influence Lung Disease Prognosis

Interstitial lung disease (ILD), or diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD), is a group of lung diseases affecting the interstitium, which is the tissue and space around the air sacs of the lungs. More...
16 Oct 2018
Image: The biotech company Igenomix has developed the first molecular test to identify the nine most common bacterial species underlying chronic endometritis, a persistent inflammation of the uterine endometrium that particularly affects women with endometriosis (Photo courtesy of Patricia Inacio, PhD).

Test Developed for Uterine Infections Impacting Fertility

Approximately 10% of women in the general population may have chronic endometritis, but among infertile women undergoing IVF, the rate is 15%, with rates estimated as high as 60% among women experiencing recurring implantation failure or miscarriage. More...
11 Oct 2018
Image: A scanning electron micrograph of dividing breast cancer cells (Photo courtesy of National Cancer Institute).

Disease-Associated Variants in Genes Allow Early Diagnosis

Sequencing the exomes of patients can identify breast cancer risk variants, even in patients without a family history of cancer or who otherwise would not be considered to be at an elevated risk. More...
10 Oct 2018
Image: A diagram of urine-derived lymphocytes as a non-invasive measure of the bladder tumor immune microenvironment (Photo courtesy of University College London).

Urine Biopsies Help Monitor Bladder Cancer Treatment

Despite the advances in cancer immunotherapy, only a fraction of patients with bladder cancer exhibit responses to checkpoint blockade, highlighting a need to better understand drug resistance and identify rational immunotherapy combinations. More...
10 Oct 2018
Image: The iChip: The blood sample is passed into the CTC-iChip microfluidic system, which first removes red cells, plasma and free magnetic beads and then sorts out tagged white blood cells, leaving a purified solution of circulating tumor cells (Photo courtesy of Dr. Emre Ӧzkumur, PhD).

Liquid Biopsy Identifies Chronic Liver Diseases

A recently developed liquid biopsy cell-sorting device was able to detect circulating epithelial cells of hepatocyte origin in blood from healthy individuals, patients with chronic liver disease without hepatocellular cancer (HCC), and those with HCC. More...
03 Oct 2018

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