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Image: A histopathology of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, the most common type of pancreatic cancer, arising in the pancreas head region (Photo courtesy of KGH).

Pancreatic Cancer Risk Rises with Fasting Glucose

More than 56,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019, which is more than 150 people diagnosed every day. Pancreatic cancer is the ninth most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the 10th most commonly diagnosed in men in the USA. More...
15 Aug 2019
Image: A new study suggests that cutting-edge electronic devices can help doctors diagnose early stage bladder cancer (Photo courtesy of Ana Sandoiu).

Electronic Device May Help Diagnose Early Bladder Cancer

It is estimated that bladder cancer will affect 80,470 people in the USA this year, and about 17,670 deaths are likely to result from these cases. Doctors diagnose approximately half of all bladder cancers while the cancer is still in situ, while in about one-third the disease has already spread to other parts of the bladder. More...
09 Aug 2019
BIOHIT  Healthcare OY
Image: A photomicrograph showing tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in colorectal carcinoma, which are suggestive of microsatellite instability, and may be seen in Lynch syndrome (Photo courtesy of Nephron).

Mutation Study Suggests Changes to Clinical Management

Lynch syndrome (LS) results from pathogenic variants in the mismatch repair (MMR) genes and is the most common hereditary cancer syndrome, affecting an estimated 1 in 300 individuals. More...
08 Aug 2019
Image: A scientist assembling the cartridge assay that distinguishes cancer from benign aspirates from mammographically suspicious breast lesions (Photo courtesy of Wanjun Ding).

Molecular Test Accurately Distinguishes Breast Tumors

A new laboratory test has been developed to identify chemical changes to a group of cancer-related genes that can accurately detect which breast tumors are cancerous or benign, and do it in far less time than gold-standard tests on biopsied breast tissue. More...
08 Aug 2019
Image: A diagram of the workflow of the conditional reprogramming (CR) method for collection of urine and tissue samples and establishment of primary bladder cancer cell cultures (Photo courtesy of Fudan University).

Urine Test Used to Individualize Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder cancer is the most common urologic cancer in China and is in the top 10 most common cause of cancer death in the USA, leading to approximately 17,000 deaths in 2018. More...
08 Aug 2019
Image: The Triple TOF 5600+ mass spectrometer (Photo courtesy of SCIEX).

Proteomics Approach Used for Analyses of Breast Cancer

Accurate classification of breast tumors is vital for patient management decisions and enables more precise cancer treatment. Despite the progress achieved in early cancer diagnosis and therapy, many patients develop the deadly disease. More...
31 Jul 2019
Image: The LSRFortessa flow cytometer instrument (Photo courtesy of BD Biosciences).

Rare Inherited Enzyme Disorder Yields Insight into Fibrosis

Mammalian tissues and organs preserve their structural and functional homeostasis by means of their supportive connective tissue, a three-dimensional network of cells and extracellular matrix (ECM) with different topological characteristics depending on the organ/tissue in which it is embedded. More...
31 Jul 2019

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