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21 Feb 2019 - 22 Feb 2019
26 Feb 2019 - 28 Feb 2019


Image: The MAGPIX single or multiplex automated immunoassay reader (Photo courtesy of Bio-Rad).

Assays Detect Inherited Blood Disorders Associated with Malaria

Plasmodium parasites have co-evolved with human hosts and exert a considerable evolutionary pressure on mutations that confer a degree of protection against malaria. More...
07 Feb 2019
Image: An XN automated hematology analyzer that can also be used for malaria diagnosis (Photo courtesy of Sysmex).

Automated Malaria Diagnosis Evaluated Using Autoanalyzer

Early and accurate diagnosis of malaria is a critical aspect of efforts to control the disease, and several diagnostic tools are available. Microscopic assessment of a peripheral blood smear enables direct visualization of parasites in infected red blood cells and is the clinical diagnostic gold standard. More...
04 Feb 2019
Image: Bone marrow biopsy from a patient with polycythemia vera showing a hypercellular marrow as a result of an increase of myeloid, erythroid and megakaryocytic elements (Photo courtesy of Karl Theil MD).

Tumor Sequencing Finds Mutations Caused by Blood Disorder

Clinical sequencing assays aim to identify somatic mutations in cancer cells for accurate diagnosis and treatment. However, most clinical-grade implementations lack patient-matched germline DNA, and supplemental analyses are needed to infer the mutational status of variants. More...
15 Jan 2019
Image: A peripheral blood film from a patient with plasma cell leukemia showing four plasma cells and rouleaux formation of erythrocytes (Photo courtesy of the Tsuyako Saito).

New Definition for Plasma Cell Leukemia Proposed

Plasma cell leukemia (PCL) is an uncommon but aggressive malignancy that accounts for 1% to 2% of all plasma cell dyscrasias. PCL has been defined as the presence of ≥ 20% circulating plasma cells (CPCs) on conventional white blood cell differential count and an absolute plasma cell count of ≥ 2 × 109/L in the peripheral blood. More...
09 Jan 2019
Image: Howell-Jolly body–like inclusion within neutrophil (arrow). It appears as a completely detached and densely basophilic inclusion in the cytoplasm of neutrophil. Photos were taken from different cases (Photo courtesy of University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston).

Howell-Jolly Body-Like Inclusions Correlated with Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Howell-Jolly body–like inclusions have been previously associated with patients who are human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected, taking antiviral medications, and immunosuppressed. These inclusions appear in neutrophils and resemble Howell-Jolly bodies of normoblasts in abnormal erythropoiesis. More...
07 Jan 2019
Image: Bone marrow aspirate smear from a patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia reveals increased blasts which are small to medium in size with high nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratios, round to irregular nuclei, smooth chromatin, and scant basophilic agranular cytoplasm (Photo courtesy of Karen M. Chisholm MD, PhD).

Genetic Marker Predicts Early Relapse in Pediatric ALL

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common childhood cancer; however, treatment has improved dramatically due to the ability to stratify patients into groups based on risk factors and genetic analysis. More...
24 Dec 2018
Image: Blood smears from normal and macrocytic anemia patients (Photo courtesy of Myrtle Porter).

Macrocytic Anemia Associated with HBV Liver Impairment Severity

Cirrhosis is an end-stage disease that invariably leads to death and it is the 14th most common cause of death in adults worldwide and results in 1.03 million deaths per year. Chronic infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) is one of the major causes of cirrhosis and 30% of deaths are attributable to HBV. More...
19 Dec 2018

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