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Image: Desktop systems have been created that can automatically take patient blood samples (robotic phlebotomy) and process them without any human intervention. Making such technology available for hospitals and clinics may have significant consequences, as blood draws are the most common clinical procedures (Photo courtesy of Rutgers University).

Testing Device Integrates Robotic Phlebotomy with Sample Processing

Diagnostic blood testing is the most commonly performed clinical procedure in the world and influences the majority of medical decisions made in hospital and laboratory settings. However, manual blood draw success rates are dependent on clinician skill and patient physiology. More...
20 Jun 2018
Image: The BD Vacutainer UltraTouch push button blood collection set (Photo courtesy of Becton Dickinson).

Novel Device Contributes to Positive Phlebotomy Experience

Phlebotomy is a necessary procedure that may be a source of pain, stress and anxiety for some patients. While smaller gauge needles are known to lessen patient discomfort, they are often associated with increases in hemolysis or longer tube fill times. More...
30 May 2018
Image: Administration of anti-D immunoglobulin is a routine occurrence in midwifery practice and has had a significant impact on the outcomes for babies previously at risk of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (Photo courtesy of The Royal College of Midwives).

NIV Test Developed for Fetal Rhesus Factor

If the blood of a pregnant woman is rhesus-negative (Rh-negative) and the blood of the fetus is rhesus-positive (Rh-positive), the woman may develop antibodies, which can cause severe harm to subsequent children in particular. More...
30 May 2018
Image: A blood transfusion bag typed for A Rh negative (Photo courtesy of Sherry Yates Young).

Sequencing Enables Precise Match for Blood Transfusions

There are more than 300 known red blood cell (RBC) antigens and 33 platelet antigens that differ between individuals. Sensitization to antigens is a serious complication that can occur in prenatal medicine and after blood transfusion, particularly for patients who require multiple transfusions. More...
30 May 2018
Image: A computer-generated image of E. coli (Photo courtesy of Alissa Eckert and Jennifer Oosthuizen / CDC).

Blood Type Linked to Severity of Diarrhea

Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli are responsible for millions of cases of diarrhea and hundreds of thousands of deaths every year, mainly of young children. It primarily infects people living in or visiting developing countries. More...
29 May 2018
Image: The Early Sepsis Indicator uses the DxH 900 hematology analyzer (Photo courtesy of Beckman Coulter).

Early Sepsis Indicator Alerts Emergency Department Clinicians

Sepsis is an often-deadly condition that affects 26 million people worldwide every year and is increasing at a rate of 1.5% annually. Timely and accurate detection solutions in the acute-care setting are key components to stopping the progression of sepsis, as patients with less severe sepsis can progress to severe sepsis or septic shock within 72 hours. More...
24 May 2018
Image: The HiSeq 4000 Systems leverage innovative patterned flow cell technology to provide rapid, high-performance sequencing (Photo courtesy of Illumina).

Molecular Tests Equivalent to Bone Marrow Analysis for MM

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematologic malignancy characterized by a bone marrow infiltration of clonal plasma cells with heterogeneous involvement in many areas of the bone marrow. More...
09 May 2018

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