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Image: A digitally colorized scanning electron micrograph of a T cell infected by numerous, spheroid-shaped, mustard-colored human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) particles, which can be seen attached to the cell\'s surface membrane (Photo courtesy of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

Hematologic Abnormalities Found in HIV-Infected Children

In both antiretroviral-treated and untreated individuals, different types of hematological abnormalities have been documented, the most important being pancytopenia. These changes are related with increased risk of morbidity and mortality. More...
22 Aug 2017
Image: The epoc POC blood analysis system (Photo courtesy of Alere).

Capillary Blood Analysis Validated for POC System

The gold standard samples for blood gas analysis are arterial blood collected from arterial catheter or by arterial puncture, but the proper sampling of arterial blood is difficult, painful, and sometimes risky to obtain in patient in transport. More...
22 Aug 2017
Image: Lung cancer cells. Researchers designed a new test to diagnose NSCLCs by testing for tumor cell RNA absorbed by circulating platelets (Photo courtesy of iStock).

Liquid Biopsy Approach Inspired by Swarm Behavior

Researchers have designed an algorithm for blood sample analysis where, rather than testing for evidence of cancer DNA or protein biomarkers, they test for tumor cell RNA absorbed by circulating platelets – i.e. thrombocytes. In a new study, they designed the test to diagnose non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs), which make up the majority of lung cancer cases, and achieved ~90% accuracy on a validation control group. More...
21 Aug 2017
Image: Dyskeratosis congenita manifests as nail dystrophy where nail findings include ridging and longitudinal splitting. The nails may become thinned and atrophic leading to pterygium formation or absent nails. The changes in the fingernails and toenails may worsen over time (Photo courtesy of Dr. Maurice van Steensel).

CRISPR Illuminates Pediatric Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome

Children with dyskeratosis congenita experience progressive bone marrow failure, eventually losing the ability to make red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and they are also at high risk of leukemia. More...
10 Aug 2017
Image: A histopathology of a glomerulus from a patient with preeclampsia revealing a pronounced bubbly appearance in the consolidated areas, caused by swollen endothelial cells and podocytes (Photo courtesy of Dr. Vivette D’Agati, MD).

New Test Rapidly Diagnoses Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia can lead to kidney damage in many affected women and the only therapy currently available is delivery of the baby, but this often means that infants are born prematurely and may have medical problems related to their early delivery. More...
09 Aug 2017
Image: A new study recommends revising guidelines for orthostatic hypotension assessment (Photo courtesy of iStock).

Revision of Guidelines Beneficial for Assessing Orthostatic Hypotension

Researchers have found that measuring blood pressure to test for the presence of orthostatic hypotension (OH; a form of low blood pressure) should be performed within one minute of standing after a person has been lying down, instead of three minutes after. More...
07 Aug 2017
Image: The Coulter LH 780 hematology analyzer (Photo courtesy of Beckman Coulter).

Antimicrobial Therapy Biomarker Enumerates Eosinophil Count Changes

Eosinopenia as a criterion of sepsis has been the subject of debate for decades and the pathophysiology of eosinopenia is related to the migration of eosinophils to the inflammatory site, presumably as a result of chemotactic substances secreted during the acute phase of inflammation. More...
01 Aug 2017

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