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Image: The rapid diagnostic test could pinpoint the correct antibiotic for infection treatment in under an hour (Photo courtesy of Microplate Dx)

Point-of-Care Device to Reduce Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Time from Days to Minutes

A new point-of-care diagnostic platform can not only detect bacterial presence but also guide clinicians to choose the best antibiotic treatment. More...
12 Sep 2023
Image: Researchers have developed a novel chemosensor-based method for the rapid detection of bacterial toxin (Photo courtesy of Sophia University)

Rapid Detection Technique to Improve Diagnostic Procedure for Bacterial Diseases

A system based on a unique fluorescent chemosensor detects the dangerous endotoxin lipopolysaccharide within minutes, making it ideal for on-site testing in hospitals. More...
06 Sep 2023
Image: The OneChoice report for microbiology lab results empowers clinicians to provide optimal care (Photo courtesy of Arkstone)

Breakthrough Report for Microbiology Lab Results a Game-Changer for Infectious Disease Treatment

A new decision-supporting clinical tool for microbiology lab results harnesses advanced AI to empower healthcare providers with personalized medicine tailored to each patient's specific requirements. More...
28 Aug 2023
Image: Dynabeads (grey spheres) interacting with Salmonella bacterium (in green) (Photo courtesy of MIT)

Portable Device to Quickly Detect Bacterial Pathogens Using New Optical Signature

The discovery of a new optical signature in a commonly used class of magnetic beads, known as Dynabeads, offers the potential to speed up the detection of contaminants in various diagnostic tests. More...
28 Aug 2023
Image: Magnetic nanoparticles (red) bind specifically to the spherical bacteria (yellow) (Photo courtesy of Empa)

Rapid Sepsis Test Uses Magnetic Nanoparticles to Detect Bacterial Pathogens

Researchers have developed "sepsis sensors" using magnetic nanoparticles that enable rapid detection of bacterial pathogens and identification of appropriate antibiotic candidates. More...
24 Aug 2023
Image: A point-of-care aptasensor enables rapid diagnosis of UTIs (Photo courtesy of ACS Central Science, 2023)

Groundbreaking POCT Device Detects UTI Causing Bacteria in Five Minutes

Researchers have created a 3D-printed photodetector device that can identify and quantify a UTI-causing bacteria known as Klebsiella pneumoniae within five minutes from a urine sample. More...
17 Aug 2023
Image: WHO has released new guidance to improve testing and diagnosis of STIs (Photo courtesy of Freepik)

New WHO Guidance on STI Testing and Diagnosis to Make Low-Cost POC Tests More Accessible

The WHO has shared its latest guidance on sexually transmitted infections, emphasizing on the need for improved testing and diagnostic services. More...
09 Aug 2023

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