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Image: Mycobacterium chimaera colonies growing on agar; the infections can cause serious injury, including pneumonia and death. Of particular concern is that patients infected with M. chimaera may not develop symptoms and signs of infection for months to years after initial exposure, making the infections difficult to detect and diagnose (Photo courtesy of the CDC).

Post-Cardiac Surgery Infection Associated with Different Diseases

Mycobacterium chimaera infection following cardiac surgery, due to contaminated cardiopulmonary bypass heater-cooler units (HCUs), has been reported worldwide. However, the spectrum of clinical disease remains poorly understood. More...
19 Jun 2018
Image: The Deki Reader is a rugged, in vitro diagnostic device for use with commercially available lateral flow immunoassays, commonly known as rapid diagnostic tests (Photo courtesy of Fio Corporation).

Rapid Diagnostic Test for Malaria Compared

Malaria case management, consisting of early diagnosis and prompt effective treatment, remains a vital component of malaria control and elimination strategies. Although microscopy is a standard diagnostic tool for malaria and the gold standard, it is infrequently used because of unavailability of laboratory facilities and the absence of skilled readers in poor resource settings. More...
13 Jun 2018
Image: The portable optical diagnostics system (PODS) prototype for diagnosing malaria (Photo courtesy of University of Southern California).

Portable Device Developed for Early-Stage Malaria Detection

Over 216 million people were infected with malaria in 2016, and 445,000 individuals died from the disease. The key to solving this health crisis is early-stage diagnosis when malaria therapeutics are most effective. More...
13 Jun 2018
Image: The Vidas BRAHMS procalcitonin assay is performed on the benchtop Vidas multiparametric immunoassay instrument (Photo courtesy of bioMérieux).

Procalcitonin Guides Use of Antibiotics for Respiratory Infections

The overuse of antibiotic agents is a public health problem associated with increased health care costs and antibiotic resistance. Overuse of antibiotics is common in infections of the lower respiratory tract, where bacterial and viral infections manifest similarly. More...
12 Jun 2018
Image: The LightCycler 96 real-time PCR system (Photo courtesy of Roche Diagnostics).

RT-PCR Assay Developed to Detect Bloodstream Infections

Rapid detection and identification of a causative pathogen is essential in the treatment of critically ill patients with blood stream infection (BSI), since timely initiation of adequate antibiotic treatment is associated with decreased morbidity, mortality, and possibly reduced healthcare costs. More...
11 Jun 2018
Image: The Measles-Rubella Box (MRBox) is a low-cost, portable technology to detect measles and rubella infection status and immunity, for use in developing nations (Photo courtesy of University of Toronto).

Portable Device Rapidly Detects Measles and Rubella

Serosurveys are useful for assessing population susceptibility to vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks. Many point-of-care diagnostics rely on lateral flow assays or microfluidics; however, these methods generally cannot test multiple samples simultaneously. More...
11 Jun 2018
Image: The ABI 7300 real-time PCR system (Photo courtesy of Applied Biosystems).

Leprosy Neural Impairment Diagnosis Evaluated by Tests

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae, an obligate intracellular parasite with a predilection for infecting peripheral nerves and skin. Leprosy is a current and challenging disease, because it still represents a problem for public health in developing countries. More...
07 Jun 2018

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