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Image: A micrograph showing retinal cells derived from a patient\'s skin cells, via induced pluripotent stem cells. The cells are organized in a polygonal shape and have taken on characteristic pigmentation (Photo courtesy of the University of California, San Diego).

Laboratory Model Reveals Genetic Risk Loci for AMD

Eye disease researchers used advanced stem cell technology to create a laboratory model of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which enabled in-depth analysis of the genetics underlying the syndrome. More...
20 May 2019
Image: A micrograph showing four-cell stage mouse embryos (Photo courtesy of Kirill Makedonski, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Gene Set Isolated in Transformation of Skin Cells into Embryonic Tissues

A team of developmental biologists identified a set of five genes that is capable of transforming skin cells into pluripotent stem cells and then into all three of the cell types that comprise the early embryo: the embryo itself, the placenta, and the extra-embryonic tissues, such as the umbilical cord. More...
13 May 2019
Image: A micrograph of a mucinous ovarian carcinoma (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Large GWAS Pinpoints Ovarian Cancer Risk Genes

Results of a large genome-wide association study identified 34 genes that are associated with an increased risk for developing the earliest stages of ovarian cancer. More...
13 May 2019
Image: A micrograph of a colonic biopsy showing inflammation of the large bowel in a case of inflammatory bowel disease (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Blood Test Distinguishes between Forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A recently developed blood test distinguishes between mild and severe forms of inflammatory bowel disease and is potentially a step towards realizing personalized therapy for the syndrome. More...
13 May 2019
Image: Brain imaging studies have revealed differences in the volume of various brain regions between patients with bipolar disorder and healthy control subjects (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Genome-wide Association Study Identifies New Bipolar Disorder Loci

Results obtained by a large genome-wide association study performed on individuals with bipolar disorder identified 20 new genetic associations involving genes encoding ion channels, neurotransmitter transporters, and synaptic components. More...
13 May 2019
Image: The assembly of a three-dimensional printable fluidic device: When two liquids - one containing nanoscale clay particles and the other containing polymer particles - are printed onto the substrate, they come together at the interface of the two liquids and within milliseconds form a very thin channel or tube about one millimeter in diameter (Photo courtesy of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

Novel Fluidic Nanodevices Created by Liquid 3D Printing

Researchers have used a novel three-dimensional (3D) printing technique to create an all-liquid fluidic device that is capable performing a wide range of applications - from making battery materials to screening drug candidates. More...
08 May 2019
Image: New research shows genetic risk factors for adult-onset asthma were largely a subset of the genetic risk for childhood-onset asthma but with overall smaller effects, suggesting a greater role for non-genetic risk factors in adult-onset asthma (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

Adult Asthma Genes Are Subset of Childhood-Onset Disease

A large asthma-related genome-wide association study found that the genes involved in adult-onset asthma were largely a subset of genes associated with the childhood-onset disease. More...
06 May 2019

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