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Image: The structure of Focal adhesion kinase (FAK) (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Cancer Growth Influenced by Myosin and FAK Protein Interaction

A team of cancer researchers has found that the interaction between the myosin and FAK (Focal adhesion kinase) proteins is critical to the ability of cancer cells to grow and spread to sites distant from that of the primary tumor. More...
13 Apr 2017
Image: This image shows how the CRISPR surveillance complex is disabled by two copies of anti-CRISPR protein AcrF1 (red) and one AcrF2 (light green). These anti-CRISPRs block access to the CRISPR RNA (green tube) preventing the surveillance complex from scanning and targeting invading viral DNA for destruction (Photo courtesy of The Scripps Research Institute).

Interaction between Proteins Revealed by Cryo-EM Mapping

Cryo-electron microscopy (Cryro-EM) molecular mapping was used to determine how the bacterial gene editing complex CRISPR/Cas9 interacts with viral anti-CRISPR proteins. More...
11 Apr 2017
Image: Circular RNAs (circRNA) are produced in the cell nucleus after they are copied from the DNA and closed. Some circRNAs are translated and produce protein once they are exported from the nucleus (Photo courtesy of Dr. Sebastian Kadener, Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Fruit Fly Model Used to Detect Proteins Coded by Circular RNAs

An international team of molecular biologists used a Drosophila (fruit fly) model to demonstrate that proteins could be synthesized from genetic information contained in molecules of circular RNA (circRNA). More...
06 Apr 2017
Image: The molecular structure of the human cystic fibrosis protein, which controls the flow of crucial ions in and out of cells (Photo courtesy of the Laboratory of Membrane Biology and Biophysics at The Rockefeller University).

Cryomicroscopy Enhances Mapping of Cystic Fibrosis Protein

A recent paper detailed the three-dimensional (3D) structure of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, the protein responsible for the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis (CF). More...
05 Apr 2017
Image: A scanning-electron microscope (SEM) image of chemically-fixed HeLa cancer cells on the gold nanopyramid substrate. Following nanosecond laser pulses, the tips of the pyramids create tiny holes in the cell membranes, allowing molecular cargo to diffuse into the cells (Photo courtesy of Harvard University).

Heating Method Developed for Rapid Delivery of Macromolecules

A team of cancer researchers developed a precise and controlled mechanism that rapidly introduces molecules as large as proteins or nucleic acids into living cells. More...
04 Apr 2017
Image: Bacteria (yellow) interact with a human white blood cell. If left unchecked, this encounter might develop into sepsis (Photo courtesy of the NIAID).

Elevated Methylthioadenosine Levels Linked to Poor Sepsis Prognosis

A recent study showed that methylthioadenosine, substrate of the methionine salvage pathway, was a regulator of sepsis that could accurately predict prognosis in patients. More...
23 Mar 2017
Image: A photomicrograph showing stem cell-modeled mouse embryo at 96 hours (left); Mouse embryo cultured in vitro for 48 hours from the blastocyst stage (right). The red part is embryonic and the blue extra-embryonic (Photo courtesy of Sarah Harrison and Gaelle Recher, Zernicka-Goetz Laboratory, University of Cambridge).

Stem Cell Structure to Facilitate In Vitro Embryonic Studies

A biological construct that combines mouse embryonic stem cells and extra-embryonic trophoblast stem cells in a three-dimensional scaffold will allow in vitro studies of cellular interaction in a model that mimics a developing embryo. More...
16 Mar 2017
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