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01 Mar 2023 - 03 Mar 2023


Image: The BIOSYNEX AMPLIQUICK Malaria is an in vitro molecular diagnostic test for the detection of the five species of Plasmodium (Photo courtesy of Biosynex)

Different Kits and PCR Methods Evaluated for Malaria Diagnosis

Malaria is an infectious disease considered as one of the biggest causes of mortality in endemic areas. This life-threatening disease needs to be quickly diagnosed and treated. The standard diagnostic tools are thick blood smears microscopy and immuno-chromatographic rapid diagnostic tests. More...
13 Jul 2022
Image: Novel POC biosensing device can detect measles virions in human saliva (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

Coin-Sized POC Device Detects Measles Virus in Saliva

A new POC biosensing device that is capable of detecting measles virions in human saliva may help with efforts to control the spread of measles, one of the most infectious airborne viruses worldwide. More...
08 Jul 2022
Image: Machine learning goes with the flow (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

AI Algorithm Listens To Patients Pass Urine for Assessing Urinary Tract Symptoms

An AI algorithm trained to listen to patients pass urine can identify abnormal flows and could be a useful and cost-effective means of monitoring and managing urology patients at home. More...
05 Jul 2022
Image: VICTOR Nivo Multimode Microplate Reader (Photo courtesy of PerkinElmer)

Simple Colorimetric Assay Determines Human Mercaptalbumin Concentration

Human serum albumin (HAS) can take on two forms, mercaptalbumin (HMA) or non-mercaptalbumin (HNA), depending on the redox status of its Cys34. The ratio of HMA and HNA is considered to be a novel biomarker of oxidative stress. More...
30 Jun 2022
Image: SERS detects presence of chemical indirectly by using laser light and a specialized sensor (Photo courtesy of The University of Tokyo)

Wearable Sensor Detects Viruses Through On-Body Chemical Analysis

Researchers have developed a novel Raman chemical sensor made from noodle-like threads of gold, offering a new way to sense various health conditions in a non-invasive and cost-effective manner. More...
27 Jun 2022
Image: XT 7600 systems integrate dry chemistry (MicroSlide), wet chemistry and immunoturbidimetry with photometric detection immunoassays with enhanced chemiluminescence, and photometric measurement of sample quality indices into a single analyzer (Photo courtesy of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics)

XT MicroSlide Assays Evaluated for Performance

One of the challenges clinical laboratories face when servicing pediatric centers is adequate specimen collection from infants and children in addition to performing multiple tests on the limited sample volume. More...
22 Jun 2022
Image: Micro-device designed to sense blood clots could pick up early signs of heart attack (Photo courtesy of Pexels)

Finger Stick Blood Test Detects Early Signs of Heart Attack Before it Occurs

Researchers are developing a biomedical micro-device that uses a a finger prick test to detect subtle platelet changes in blood samples before a heart attack or stroke takes place. More...
21 Jun 2022

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