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Image: TriSilix is a tiny new silicon-based lab-on-chip test that could pave the way for cheap handheld infectious disease testing (Photo courtesy of Imperial College London).

Lab-on-a-Chip Infection Test Provides Cheaper, Faster Portable Diagnostics

Rapid screening and low-cost diagnosis play a crucial role in choosing the correct course of intervention when dealing with highly infectious pathogens. This is especially important if the disease-causing agent has no effective treatment. More...
15 Dec 2020
Image: Microneedle patches containing micron-scale needles are used to create temporary pores in the skin through which interstitial fluid can be extracted (Photo courtesy of Allison Carter, Georgia Tech).

Interstitial Fluid Sampled from Skin Using a Microneedle Patch

Biochemical information about the body most commonly comes from analysis of blood, which represents only 6% of bodily fluids, but valuable information may also be found in other bodily fluids that are traditionally hard to get. Biofluids such as saliva, blood, urine, tears, and interstitial fluid (the fluid that surrounds cells) contain proteins and can be isolated for health monitoring. More...
10 Dec 2020
Image: An artist`s conception of nanodiamonds used for in vitro diagnostics (Photo courtesy of Ella Maru Studio, University College London)

Nanodiamonds Dramatically Boost Immunoassay Sensitivity

Incorporation of a specific class of nanodiamond into lateral flow immunoassays was shown to increase the sensitivity of this method by at least five orders of magnitude. More...
08 Dec 2020
Image: A recently developed device enables faster testing of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Photo courtesy of Dr. Seokheun `Sean` Choi)

Fast Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing by Measuring Electron Transfer Metabolism

A recently developed device facilitates bacterial antibiotics susceptibility testing by measuring the effect of these drugs on bacterial electron transfer metabolism. More...
07 Dec 2020
Image: The Ammonia Breath test: the sensing system included a desiccation cylinder, an airtight sensing chamber, a rotameter, a pump, and an electrical signal measurement instrument (Photo courtesy of Chang Gung University).

Breath Ammonia Biomarker Predicts Kidney Function in CKD Patients

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a type of kidney disease in which there is gradual loss of kidney function over a period of months to years. Initially there are generally no symptoms; later, symptoms may include leg swelling, feeling tired, vomiting, loss of appetite, and confusion. More...
18 Nov 2020
Image: Fibrinogen Test: people with low fibrinogen levels show a rapid movement of blood up the device (Photo courtesy of Monash University).

Paper Diagnostic Directly Measures Fibrinogen in Whole Blood

Fibrinogen is a protein found in blood that is needed for clotting. When a patient experiences traumatic injury, such as a serious car accident, or major surgery and childbirth complications, fibrinogen is required in their blood to prevent major hemorrhaging and death from blood loss. More...
10 Nov 2020
Image: The HM-JACKarc analytical system is a compact bench top system that uses Integrated Sphere Latex Turbidimetry to measure fecal hemoglobin concentration using a highly sensitive latex reagent coated with polyclonal antibodies to human hemoglobin (Photo courtesy of Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics Systems).

Fecal Immunochemical Test Assessed in Suspected Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC), also known as bowel cancer, colon cancer, or rectal cancer, is the development of cancer from the colon or rectum (parts of the large intestine). Signs and symptoms may include blood in the stool, a change in bowel movements, weight loss, and fatigue. More...
05 Nov 2020

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