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22 Mar 2018 - 25 Mar 2018
02 Apr 2018 - 04 Apr 2018

Clinical Chemistry

Image: Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging signal in healthy volunteers, high-risk subjects and patients with schizophrenia showing a stepwise elevation in microglial activity (orange) as severity of illness increases (Photo courtesy of MRC\'s Clinical Sciences Centre).

CRP Levels May Indicate Schizophrenia Prognosis

Levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) indicating low-grade inflammation are associated with worsening scores on several psychometric scales and a poorer overall prognosis over a 1-year period in outpatients with stable schizophrenia. More...
20 Mar 2018
Image: The ARCHITECT i1000SR immunoassay analyzer used to measure high‐sensitivity troponin I (Photo courtesy of Abbott Laboratories).

Troponin I Levels Predict Coronary Artery Disease Severity

Although coronary artery disease (CAD) may be present early in life, its progression over time is highly unpredictable. Coronary atherosclerosis can progress at variable rates, ranging from a gradual increase in luminal narrowing to an abrupt progression to total luminal occlusion. More...
20 Mar 2018
Image: The 4000 QTRAP triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Photo courtesy of AB Sciex).

Novel Biomarkers Revealed for Future Dementia Risk

Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease (AD), is a major public health problem with devastating physical, financial, and social consequences for patients, their caregivers, families, and society. More...
19 Mar 2018
Image: SISCAPA Assay Technologies founder Dr. Terry Pearson PhD, has created a way to test for multiple diseases from a single drop of dried blood using fully automated mass spectrometer workflow (Photo courtesy of SISCAPA).

Dried Blood Spot Protein Assays Evaluated for Biochemistry

Dried blood spots have long been used in applications like newborn testing, but they have yet to make their way into clinical proteomic testing in a significant way. This is due in part to the fact that conventional immunoassays, which are widely used for protein measurements in the clinic, are poorly suited to analyzing dried blood spots given their limited sample volume. More...
15 Mar 2018
Image: The Schirmer’s test is an invasive filter paper strip folded over the lower lid to absorb the tear film for five minutes. The tears collected on the Schirmer’s strips can be analyzed for biomarkers (Photo courtesy of Innovative Eye Care).

Biological Markers in Tears May Diagnose PD

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder that kills brain cells that produce dopamine, which is a chemical messenger important for the control of movement. The main symptoms of Parkinson's include slowness of movement, tremors, rigidity, and difficulty maintaining balance and coordination. More...
15 Mar 2018
Image: Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry used for targeted profiling of plasma metabolites (Photo courtesy of McGill University).

Plasma Metabolite Profile and Gut Microbiota Connected to Obesity

A new link has been discovered between gut bacteria and obesity. It has been found that certain amino acids in the blood can be connected to both obesity and the composition of the gut microbiome. More...
14 Mar 2018
Image: Postmortem tissue sample from an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patient brain reveals AD pathology including amyloid-beta plaques and Tau tangles (Photo courtesy of Dr. Dale Bredesen).

Parent Age May Help Predict AD Biomarker Levels

Alzheimer disease (AD) develops during several decades and presymptomatic individuals might be the best candidates for clinical trials, but their identification is challenging because they have no symptoms. More...
14 Mar 2018

The Clinical Chemistry channel updates the reader on tests, techniques, and research in the field - from routine assays to specialized tests on blood, urine, enzymes, lipids, hormones and more.
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