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Image: A white blood cell among red blood cells (Photo courtesy of HealthTap).

Peripheral Blood Smears Still Need Evaluation

When the first automated hematology analyzers appeared in clinical laboratories in the 1960s, they ushered in a welcomed workflow change for bench technologists. These automated analyzers replaced hemocytometers, though the need for differential counting remained. More...
22 Jun 2017
Image: A histopathology of lung tissue from a patient with hemosiderosis: in the alveolar spaces and in the septa are hemosiderin-laden macrophages (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Hemosiderosis Screening Assessed for Multiple Transfusion Patients

Hemosiderosis is a type of secondary iron overload resulting from multiple blood transfusions and the leading cause of death in transfusion-dependent patients with thalassemia. More...
20 Jun 2017
Image: Research shows high blood platelet count is a strong predictor of cancer (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Elevated Blood Platelet Count Predicts Cancer

The most common route to cancer diagnosis follows the development of symptoms, and definitive diagnosis by biopsy and access to specialist care often rely on a primary care physician to recognize the possibility of cancer. More...
08 Jun 2017
Image: The Navios flow cytometer (Photo courtesy of Beckman Coulter).

Panel Developed for Immunophenotyping Lymphocytes

A lymphoproliferative disorder screening tube (LPD-ST) has been developed with the aim to provide comprehensive immunophenotyping of lymphocyte subsets with minimal need for additional testing. More...
07 Jun 2017
Image: The Spectra Optia apheresis system (Photo courtesy of Terumo BCT).

Apheresis System with Secondary Devices Evaluated

Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) reduces the levels of pathological factors circulating in the patient’s plasma and it relieves symptoms or prevents further destruction of the involved organ or system. More...
06 Jun 2017
Image: Research shows hospital-acquired anemia is more prevalent than previously thought (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Hospital-Acquired Anemia Affects One-Third of Patients

One in three patients hospitalized for medical problems experience hospital-acquired anemia (HAA), a drop in hematocrit due to the hospitalization, claims a new study. More...
31 May 2017
Image: Research asserts a new blood test can determine transfusion needs (Photo courtesy of ThinkStock).

Clotting Assay Predicts Patient Transfusion Needs

A new test that quantifies clotting ability can help identify trauma patients who are most in need of a massive blood transfusion, according to a new study. More...
30 May 2017

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