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Bio-Rad Diabetes Division


Image: The new NovoPath Dashboard adds at-a-glance, “real-time” monitoring capability for anatomic pathology lab managers to assess operational data on the NovoPath platform, enabling to better anticipate bottlenecks and avoid potential problems (Photo courtesy of NovoPath).

Dashboard Provides "Real-Time" Views of Pathology Lab Data

A new software addition to an anatomic pathology platform provides lab managers a quick and reliable, at-a-glance view of operational data, enabling to better monitor progress, anticipate bottlenecks, and avoid potential problems.  More...
23 Jul 2015

Automated Test for Galectin-3 Cleared for Chronic Heart Failure Prognosis

Higher levels of galectin-3 are associated with a more aggressive form of heart failure, which may make identification of high-risk patients using galectin-3 testing an important part of patient care.  More...
22 Jul 2015
Image: Histopathology of a psammoma body seen in thyroid gland papillary carcinoma (Photo courtesy of The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology).

Consensus Guidelines for Thyroid Cancer Molecular Tests Revised

National guidelines for thyroid cancer testing have been revised to reflect newly available tests that better incorporate personalized medicine into diagnosing the condition.  More...
21 Jul 2015

Genomic Aberrations of Asian Gastric Cancer Discovered

The fusion of two genes gives rise to the destruction of the stomach surface barrier, resulting in gastric acids affecting the stomach tissues; moreover, this fusion also hampers wound-healing.  More...
20 Jul 2015
Image: The principle of blood-based DNA testing (Photo courtesy of Sysmex-Inostics).

BEAMing Technology Effectively Detects Cancer-Linked Mutations in Liquid Biopsy Samples

Liquid biopsy using BEAMing technology was found to be an effective method for analyzing tumor genotypes in real time and identifying significant mutations that occur during the course of disease and are not detected by tissue biopsy.  More...
20 Jul 2015

Sensitive Technique Detects Colorectal Cancer in Tissue Samples

A new sensitive technique has been developed that is capable of detecting colorectal cancer in tissue samples and the method could one day be used in clinical settings for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.   More...
14 Jul 2015

Blood Test Biomarker Differentiates Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer

A new biomarker that successfully differentiated patients with pancreatic cancer from those with another pancreatic disease could lead to a blood test that detects pancreatic cancer early enough for curative surgery to be feasible.  More...
14 Jul 2015

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