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Breakthrough Blood Test Developed for Bowel Cancer Diagnosis

A new blood test for bowel cancer has been developed which could save thousands of lives by spotting the disease at the earliest possible opportunity and the simple check will pick up on antibodies in the blood, produced as the body reacts to the onset of bowel cancer.  More...
19 Feb 2015
Image: Urothelial carcinoma cells of high malignant potential in voided urine sample (Photo courtesy of Michael Gordon, PhD).

Noninvasive Test Monitors Bladder Cancer Recurrence

The results of a blinded, multicenter clinical study that used noninvasive technology to detect bladder cancer recurrence in patients with a history of the disease have been announced.   More...
19 Feb 2015
Image: Histopathology of chondrosarcoma of the chest wall from surgical resection of recurrent mass (Photo courtesy of KGH/Wikipedia).

Blood Test Developed for Aggressive Bone Cancer

A simple blood test has been developed to diagnose bone cancer, specifically Chondrosarcoma, an extremely unpredictable form of bone cancer that can develop at any age.   More...
18 Feb 2015

Minimally Invasive Test Identifies Patients with Reflux Symptoms

A new, minimally invasive cell sampling device coupled with assessment of trefoil factor 3 expression can be used to identify patients with reflux symptoms who warrant endoscopy to diagnose Barrett's esophagus.  More...
17 Feb 2015
Image: Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) in magnetic resonance imaging (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

MicroRNA Panel Distinguishes Between High- and Low-Risk Pancreatic Lesions

A panel of six microRNAs has been identified that can distinguish between high-risk and low-risk pancreatic lesions that are capable of progressing to full-blown cancer of the pancreas.  More...
16 Feb 2015
Image: CT Scan of 11-centimeter Wilms' tumor of the right kidney in a 13-month-old patient (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Microdiversity Predicts Outcome in Children's Kidney Cancer

A prognosis for the outcome of Wilms' tumor, the most common type of kidney cancer in children, can be determined by examining the genetic variation in a biopsy specimen as small as one millimeter in diameter.  More...
09 Feb 2015

Prosthetic Joint Infections Test Receives CE Marking

The first diagnostic test that can detect in patients' blood antibodies against several bacteria types frequently responsible for prosthetic infections, in particular Staphylococcus, the most often encountered type in such infections.    More...
05 Feb 2015

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