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Image: Histopathology of meningeal carcinomatosis: tumor cell clusters in the subarachnoid space in a brain biopsy (Photo courtesy of Dr. Michael J. Schneck, MD).

Cerebrospinal Fluid Liquid Biopsy Characterizes Brain Tumors

The exploitation of cerebrospinal fluid-derived circulating DNA as liquid biopsy promises a more accurate, effective and less invasive approach in unmasking the molecular characteristics of brain tumors.  More...
23 Nov 2015
Image: The RainDrop droplet polymerase chain reaction system (Photo courtesy of RainDance Technologies).

DNA in Blood Tracks Cancer Development and Response

Circulating tumor DNA analysis can be used to track tumor burden and analyze cancer genomes noninvasively, but the extent to which it represents metastatic heterogeneity is unknown.  More...
23 Nov 2015

Blood Samples Analysis Monitors Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy Response

Circulating cell-free DNA may be collected from plasma of colorectal cancer patients and represents a less invasive, less costly approach to tracking biomarkers of interest longitudinally and at progression.  More...
18 Nov 2015
Image: The Cologuard multi-target stool DNA test kit (MT-sDNA) for colorectal cancer screening (Photo courtesy of Exact Sciences Corporation).

Screening Stool DNA Test Detects Colorectal Cancer

The accuracy of a multi-target stool DNA test compared with fecal immunochemical testing for hemoglobin for detection of screening-relevant colorectal neoplasia in Alaska Native people has been assessed.   More...
16 Nov 2015

Cancer DNA in Blood Helps Personalize Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver cancer tumor specimens are difficult and sometimes dangerous to obtain, and noninvasive methods are required to assess cancer progression and characterize underlying genomic features.  More...
15 Nov 2015
Sekisui Diagnostics

Predisposing Gene Associated With Cowden Syndrome

A new gene has been discovered that is associated with Cowden syndrome, an inherited condition that carries high risks of thyroid, breast, and other cancers, and a subset of non-inherited thyroid cancers.  More...
15 Nov 2015
Image: Molecular model of the prostate cancer drug abiraterone (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Analysis of Circulating DNA Predicts Prostate Cancer's Development of Drug Resistance

Analysis of prostate cancer DNA circulating in the bloodstream identifies a mutation that indicates whether the tumor will become resistant to the drug-of-choice abiraterone, and enables the physician to choose an alternative treatment.  More...
15 Nov 2015

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