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08 Feb 2016 - 10 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 - 12 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016 - 20 Feb 2016


Inherited Gene Mutation Leads to Ovarian Cancer

Women who carry an inherited fault in a certain gene are more than three times more likely to develop epithelial ovarian cancer than those without the mutation.   More...
03 Feb 2016

Vascular Disease Plasma Marker Confirmed in Diabetes Patients

Pre-kallikrein has previously been suggested as a marker for diabetic vascular disease of the kidneys, but a new study supports the idea that increased plasma PK levels are an independent risk factor for whole-body diabetic vascular disease, similar to the risks of high triglycerides or high blood pressure in heart disease.  More...
02 Feb 2016
Image: Phone microscopy slide reading: the technique for reading a slide using the ball-lens phone microscope with a single light-emitting diode (LED) flashlight providing illumination (Photo courtesy of University of Texas Houston Health Science).

Dermatopathology Specimens Examined by Smartphone-Based Microscopy

The incorporation of high-resolution cameras into smartphones has allowed for a variety of medical applications including the use of lens attachments that provide telescopic, macroscopic, and dermatoscopic data.   More...
01 Feb 2016

Oral HPVs Associated with Risk of Incident Head and Neck Cancers

A prospective study suggests that detection in the oral cavity of certain human papillomavirus types is associated with higher risk of incident head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, suggesting that the role of HPV in HNSCC may be even more important than currently recognized.  More...
31 Jan 2016

Key Genes Identified for Leukemia Development

Human leukemia is characterized by the prevalence of recurrent chromosomal translocations, resulting in the generation of chimeric fusion proteins with aberrant oncogenic activities.   More...
25 Jan 2016
Image: Clinical features of local recurrences that are defined as the reappearance of melanoma in or contiguous with an excision scar or graft and bearing an in situ component (Photo courtesy of Dr. Paola Savoia).

Blood Test Monitors DNA Fragments for Melanoma Metastases

A blood test which monitors blood levels of DNA fragments from dead cancer cells does a superior job than the current standard test at tracking the severity and potential spread of metastatic melanoma.  More...
25 Jan 2016
Image: Single Molecule Real-Time (SMRT) DNA sequencing technology (Photo courtesy of Pacific Biosciences).

Tissue Typing Method Revolutionizes Field of Stem Cell Transplantation

Saliva and blood samples can be typed using a new system that allows scientists to obtain very high quality information about a patient and donor's tissue types, enabling them to make the best possible matches.   More...
24 Jan 2016

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