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Blood Parameter Analysis Establish Prognosis for Brain Metastases Patients

Certain laboratory results, which have previously not been used specifically for this purpose, can help to predict survival in patients with newly diagnosed brain metastases and to decide on the most appropriate treatment strategy.  More...
08 Oct 2015
Image: The CELLSEARCH semi-automatic system that can capture and quantify circulating tumor cells (Photo courtesy of Janssen Diagnostics).

Arterial Blood Liquid Biopsy Detects Circulating Melanoma Cells

Venous blood collection is simple and minimally invasive, and this approach has made circulating tumor cells testing readily available to many cancer patients. The major drawback is the fact that CTCs are not always detectable for patients with clinically evident metastatic disease.   More...
07 Oct 2015
Dubai Bio Expo-2015

Mutated Gene Found in Families with Multiple Tumors

Cardiac angiosarcoma is a rare but malignant disease and in the case of hereditary CAS, the median survival expectancy is only four months because the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage.   More...
06 Oct 2015
Image: Histopathology of prostate cancer; glomerulations demonstrating significant morphologic overlap with and transition to cribriform Gleason pattern 4 carcinoma (Photo courtesy of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center).

Urine Liquid Biopsy Test Detects High-Grade Prostate Cancer

New screening methods that can add predictive diagnostic value for aggressive prostate cancer are needed to reduce unnecessary biopsies for patients with non-aggressive PCa.  More...
05 Oct 2015

NuQ Blood Assay CE-Marked for Colorectal Cancer Detection

A blood-based diagnostic assay for detection of colorectal cancer has received Conformité Européenne marking, which enables European Clinical Use/Sale in 33 Countries with nearly 600 million people.  More...
05 Oct 2015

DNA Alterations Identified Occur Earliest in Lung Cancer Development

Lungs resected for adenocarcinomas often harbor minute discrete foci of cytologically atypical pneumocyte proliferations designated as atypical adenomatous hyperplasia, which may represent an initial step in the progression to adenocarcinoma in situ.  More...
01 Oct 2015

Blood Types Correlate with Survival After Prostate Cancer Vaccine

Simple, inexpensive strategies to target treatment to likely responders could substantially improve efficacy while simultaneously reducing health care costs, but identification of reliable biomarkers has proven challenging.   More...
30 Sep 2015

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