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Bio-Rad Diabetes Division
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Biomarkers Help Personalize Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treatment

In patients with metastatic colon cancer, response to first line chemotherapy is a strong predictor of overall survival, but currently, oncologists lack diagnostic tests to determine which chemotherapy regimen offers the greatest chance for response in an individual patient.  More...
30 Jun 2015

Molecular Classification Improves Method to Diagnose Gliomas

The molecular makeup of brain tumors can be used to sort patients with gliomas into five categories, each with different clinical features and outcomes.   More...
29 Jun 2015

Specialized Proteins Detected In Blood of Alzheimer's Disease Patients

In a select group of people who later developed dementia, the levels of the lysosomal proteins were abnormal while the people still had no problems with memory or thinking skills.  More...
29 Jun 2015

Utility and Performance of Heart Transplant Test Confirmed

An innovative molecular blood test has been used following a heart transplant procedure and this test enables routine, noninvasive surveillance of acute cellular rejection, thereby assisting clinicians in the care and management of patients.  More...
25 Jun 2015
Image: Histopathology of an anaplastic astrocytoma showing marked nuclear pleomorphism. Note the atypical mitosis in the center (Photo courtesy of Dr. Peter C. Burger, MD).

Prognostic Marker Gene Found for Anaplastic Astrocytoma

A gene encoding for the enzyme isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 might be prognostic marker for a rare form of brain cancer known as anaplastic astrocytoma.  More...
24 Jun 2015

Early-Stage Cancers May Be Detected with Noninvasive Prenatal Testing

A noninvasive prenatal testing is a screening technique used to detect Down syndrome and other conditions involving chromosomal abnormalities in a developing fetus.   More...
24 Jun 2015

Endoscopic Samples Show Precancerous Genomic Changes in Barrett's Esophagus

Next-generation sequencing has been used to detect genomic mutations in precancerous esophageal tissue, which may improve cancer surveillance and early detection in patients with Barrett's esophagus.  More...
23 Jun 2015

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