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Multiple Genes Discovered Are Key to Kidney Cancer

A genomic analysis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma, the most common form of kidney cancer, has uncovered 31 genes that are fundamental to the development, growth and spread of the cancer.  More...
14 Jul 2014

New Approach Identifies Multiple Melanoma Drug Resistance Biomarkers

A recent paper described the use of liquid chromatography-multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry for assessing melanoma biomarkers in the blood in order to determine the effectiveness of chemotherapy.  More...
14 Jul 2014
Sekisui Diagnostics

Genetic Test Improves Prognosis for Esophageal Cancer

The genetic basis of why some people with a serious complication of acid reflux known as Barrett's esophagus go on to develop esophageal cancer has been determined.   More...
13 Jul 2014

Blood Test Developed to Indicate Breast Cancer Risk

A simple blood test to help predict the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer has been developed, as the idea that genetic mutations are the sole contributors to the development of the disease is changing.  More...
10 Jul 2014

Simple Urine Test Diagnoses Bladder Cancer Early

A highly-specialized urine test can detect bladder cancer as much as three to six months earlier than an invasive cystoscopy procedure and can help physicians diagnose the disease at an initial stage, when treatment might be more effective.   More...
03 Jul 2014
Life Technologies

Noninvasive Test Helps Identify Cause of Specific Kidney Disease

The first test that can help determine a specific type of kidney disease, called membranous glomerulonephritis has been authorized for marketing.  More...
02 Jul 2014
Image: The heart biopsy procedure is most often done by inserting the biopsy instrument (bioptome) through a small incision in the skin on the right side of the neck. Four or five separate pieces of tissue are needed for adequate sampling (Photo courtesy of Stanford Hospital).

Blood-Based DNA Test May Replace Heart Biopsy for Detecting Transplant Rejection

In a proof-of-principle study, a noninvasive DNA-based blood test was found to be more accurate than the standard heart biopsy procedure for detecting heart transplant rejection.  More...
01 Jul 2014

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