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Molecular Diagnostics

Image: Human prostate specific antigen (PSA) with bound substrate forms complex with antibody (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Solvent Interaction Analysis of PSA Reduces Need for Biopsies

A novel test for serum levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) was found to be better than currently available assays in distinguishing cancer from benign conditions, and identifying patients with high-risk disease. More...
22 May 2017
Image: Results published in a recent paper indicated that elevated levels of the protein beta-2 microglobulin in the blood were linked to an increased risk of ischemic stroke among women (Photo courtesy of the AHA).

Elevated Levels of Beta-2 Microglobulin Linked to Increased Stroke Risk

Beta-2 microglobulin, also known as B2M, is a component of the MHC class I molecules, which are present on all nucleated cells. They also occur on platelets, but not on red blood cells. Their function is to display peptide fragments of non-self-proteins from within the cell to cytotoxic T-cells; this will trigger an immediate response from the immune system against a particular non-self-antigen displayed with the help of an MHC class I protein. More...
22 May 2017
Image: A new study shows “memory protein” NPTX2 underlies cognitive decline in Alzheimer\'s (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock).

Low Levels of Protein Linked to Cognitive Decline

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) currently affects more than five million Americans. Amyloid plaques, long seen in the brains of people with AD are often blamed for the mental decline associated with the disease. More...
18 May 2017
Image: Immunofluorescence staining showing extension of prostatic adenocarcinoma into the bladder wall in a castration resistant prostate (Photo courtesy of the Institute of Cancer Research).

Test Predicts Benefit of Targeted Cancer Treatments

There is an urgent need to develop biomarker strategies to a priori identify castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) patients who will derive minimal benefit from androgen receptor (AR) targeting and offer them an alternative treatment paradigm. More...
17 May 2017
Image: A biopsy from the sole of the foot showing a recovered granular layer and a layer of parakeratosis sandwiched between the old orthokeratotic stratum corneum and a re-established orthokeratotic layer (Photo courtesy of SAMJ).

Genomic Duplication Responsible for Rare Skin Disease

Through data analysis, ancestry mapping, genomic comparison, and international collaboration, researchers have identified the genetic mutation that causes the rare skin disease keratolytic winter erythema (KWE), or “Oudtshoorn skin,” in South African and Norwegian families. More...
15 May 2017
Image: Salmonella Typhi, the bacterium responsible for Typhoid fever (Photo courtesy of Animated Healthcare).

Typhoid Fever Victims Present Unique Metabolomic Profile

A panel of metabolic markers distinguishes patients with typhoid fever from others suffering from non-typhoid tropical fevers such as malaria. More...
15 May 2017
Image: Brain imaging studies have revealed differences in the volume of various brain regions between BD patients and healthy control subjects (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Child Biomarkers Linked to BD Parents

Biomarkers have been identified in children of patients with bipolar disorder that suggest that at the molecular level the disorder is linked to the process of apoptosis and related disturbance of mitochondrial function. More...
15 May 2017

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