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Image: The Diagnostics Respiratory Pathogens 21 PLUS (FTDRP) multiplex real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay kit (Photo courtesy of Fast-track Diagnostics).

Respiratory Viruses Detected by Sensitive Molecular Technique

Virologists at the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo collected nasopharyngeal aspirates from 162 patients of all ages who were attended at either emergency rooms or primary care units between August 2007 and August 2009.  More...
16 Oct 2014

Shotgun Metagenomic Technique Detects Tuberculosis Bacteria in Patient Samples Without Culture or Enrichment

Infectious disease researchers have developed a new approach for the diagnosis of tuberculosis that relies on shotgun metagenomics, a method for direct sequencing of DNA extracted from sputum samples, which detects and characterizes the Mycobacterium that cause TB without the need for time-consuming culture or enrichment. More...
15 Oct 2014
Image: The agglutination latex assay for enteropathogenic and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli; negative (-) and a semi-quantitative positive (from + to ++++) agglutination pattern with anti-EspB monoclonal coated beads (Photo courtesy of Instituto Butantan).

Rapid Agglutination Latex Test Developed for Diarrheagenic Pathogens

Enteropathogenic and enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli are human intestinal pathogens responsible for diarrhea in both developing and industrialized countries.  More...
09 Oct 2014

Biomarker Correlates With Survival for Pediatric Ebola Patients

Outbreaks of Ebola virus disease occur sporadically in Africa and are associated with high case-fatality rates yet children have been less affected than adults.  More...
09 Oct 2014

Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Refines Pneumonia Diagnosis

Applying advanced next-generation sequencing of DNA from samples taken from intubated patients with suspected pneumonia has the potential for providing physicians with rapid, precise, culture-independent identification of bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens and their antimicrobial sensitivity profiles.  More...
08 Oct 2014
Image: Photomicrograph from a liver biopsy showing ground glass hepatocytes, as seen in a chronic hepatitis B infection with a high viral load (Photo courtesy of Nephron).

High Rates of Hepatitis B Infection Found in Aboriginals

Hepatitis B virus infection remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who have high rates of infection compared with non-Indigenous Australians.  More...
07 Oct 2014
Image: Mobidiag’s new Amplidiag product line encompasses innovative multiplex diagnostic tests for gastrointestinal infections (Photo courtesy of Mobidiag).

PCR-Based Gastroenteritis Diagnostic Assay Receives European Marketing Approval

A PCR-based test that optimizes screening of gastroenteritis-causing bacteria directly from stool samples has been certified for marketing in Europe as a CE-IVD product according to Directive 98/79/EC regarding in vitro diagnostic medical devices.  More...
07 Oct 2014

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