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Image: The Diagnostics-in-a-Suitcase used to screen for Ebolavirus disease (Photo courtesy of Institut Pasteur, Dakar).

Rapid Ebola Virus Detection Assay Evaluated

Ebolavirus infection is mainly diagnosed by various in-house and commercial real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction assays used in up to 38 laboratories implemented at or close to Ebola treatment centers in West Africa.  More...
17 Nov 2015

System Portfolio Includes High Medical Value Virology Assays

New commercial virology assays offer the latest generation of performance with dual target technology for Human immunodeficiency virus 1 and dual probe technology forHepatitis C virus.   More...
17 Nov 2015
Image: Transmission electron micrograph of numerous Chikungunya virus particles which are composed of a central dense core surrounded by a viral envelope ((Photo courtesy of Cynthia Goldsmith).

Simple Affordable Diagnostic Kit Developed for Chikungunya

Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne illness that while not often deadly causes severe, incapacitating and often chronic joint pain, is spreading globally and it can be difficult to diagnose and most tests available now are expensive and challenging to develop.  More...
11 Nov 2015
Image: The CareStart Malaria pLDH/HRP2 combo rapid diagnostic test (Photo courtesy of Access Bio Inc.).

Combination Rapid Diagnostic Tests Evaluated for Malaria in Pregnancy

Early detection and effective management of asymptomatic and symptomatic malaria is essential to reduce the burden of malaria in pregnancy.  More...
10 Nov 2015

Molecular Technology Identifies Viral RNA Mutations in Clinical Samples

Droplet Digital polymerase chain reaction uses emulsion chemistry to partition nucleic acid samples into approximately 20,000 oil-encapsulated nanodroplets to produce data that surpasses the precision of other molecular methods with equivalent or much higher sensitivity.  More...
09 Nov 2015
Image: Colorized transmission electron micrograph (TEM) revealed some of the ultrastructural morphology displayed by an Ebolavirus virion with supplemented spermatozoa (Photo courtesy of Frederick A. Murphy/CDC, and Graphic by Mark Murrman).

Ebolavirus Found in Semen Months After Symptom Onset

The main mode of transmission is direct contact with the blood or body fluids of a person with Ebolavirus disease or from the body of a person who died from the disease; however, Ebolavirus can persist in the body fluids of survivors during convalescence, which may result in transmission of the virus.   More...
04 Nov 2015
Image: Disk diffusion susceptibility test on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with co-trimoxazole (susceptible), erythromycin (resistant), clindamycin (resistant), gentamicin (susceptible), cefoxitin (resistant), and tetracycline (susceptible) (Photo courtesy of Bacteriainphotos).

Invasive Antibiotic Sensitive Infections Are Widespread In Hospitalized Infants

Staphylococcus aureus is a frequent cause of infection in hospitalized infants and infections due to S. aureus are associated with increased mortality, morbidity, and length of hospital stay. S. aureus is the second most frequent cause of late-onset sepsis in very low-birth-weight infants less than 1,500 grams.  More...
03 Nov 2015

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