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Image: The VIKIA Malaria Ag Pf/Pan rapid diagnostic test (Photo courtesy of IMACCESS).

Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Evaluated At Point-Of-Care

For over a decade, the development of malaria rapid diagnostic tests has enabled reliable biological diagnostic testing in all situations where previously only clinical diagnosis was available. These RDTs are generally considered as point-of-care tests.   More...
23 Apr 2015
Image: Scanning electron micrograph of Shigella sonnei bacteria resistant to ciprofloxacin, (Photo courtesy of the CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Multidrug-Resistant Shigellosis Spreads Throughout the United States

International travelers are bringing a multidrug-resistant intestinal illness called shigellosis to the USA and spreading it to others who have not traveled.   More...
22 Apr 2015

CE Marking for Dual-Detection Test for Clostridium difficile

CE-IVD approval has been given for a new multiplex test to detection C. difficile infection and simultaneous differentiation of the hypervirulence-associated 027 ribotype.  More...
21 Apr 2015

Dry-Reagent-Based Molecular Assay Facilitates Diagnosis of Buruli Ulcer

Buruli ulcer is a neglected tropical disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans causing a skin disease which is the third most common mycobacterial disease and its rapid diagnosis and treatment are essential.  More...
20 Apr 2015
Image: The hard bodied tick Ixodes persulcatus, a known vector of Anaplasma capra (Photo courtesy of Bristol University).

Novel Goat Pathogen Infects Humans

Anaplasmosis is often associated with thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, and/or increased liver enzyme levels in patients with a history of tick exposure within the prior three weeks.   More...
16 Apr 2015

Infectious Diseases Diagnosed At Point-of-Care

A new “lab-on-a-disc” technology can diagnose malaria and other febrile infectious diseases simultaneously in just an hour, allowing faster point-of-care treatment and precise drugs administration that could save thousands of lives.   More...
15 Apr 2015
Image: Cardboard mouthpiece (a), chamber with red valve (b) and 3-L impermeable gas bag (c) used to collect breath samples (Photo courtesy of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

Malaria Biomarkers Detected In Human Breath

The majority of diagnoses of malaria rely on a combination of clinical presentation and visualizing parasites in a stained blood film or by performing a rapid diagnostic test.  More...
14 Apr 2015

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