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Image: A mature Plasmodium ovale trophozoite in a thin blood film (Photo courtesy of the CDC – US Centers for Disease control and Prevention).

Neglected Malaria Subspecies Characterized by Novel Molecular Assay

Plasmodium ovale subspecies are similar based on morphology and geographical distribution, but allelic differences indicate that P. ovale curtisi and P. ovale wallikeri are genetically divergent.  More...
27 Jan 2015
Image: Electron micrograph of particles of the hepatitis C virus (Photo courtesy of James Cavallini).

Hepatitis C Infection Screening Could Save Lives

Chronic hepatitis C infection is difficult to detect during routine medical visits because there are usually no symptoms and it is often diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease, making treatment difficult and often resulting in death.   More...
26 Jan 2015

Blood Screening Assay Detects and Identifies Three Major Viruses

A qualitative in vitro test for the direct detection of major pathogenic viruses in human plasma is intended to be used in the screening donations of human whole blood and blood components in pools of 6 samples, and source plasma donations in pools of up to 96 samples.   More...
22 Jan 2015
Image: Photomicrograph of the filarial nematode Wuchereria bancrofti in a blood film (Photo courtesy of Dr. Mae Melvin).

Common Human Protein Linked to Adverse Parasitic Worm Infections

Parasitic helminths, which infect an estimated two billion people worldwide, represent a significant global public health problem and infection is associated with life-long morbidity including growth retardation and organ failure.  More...
22 Jan 2015

Blood Culture Media Evaluated For Detection of Pathogenic Fungi

A growing number of fungemia cases have been observed in recent decades and Candida species have been placed as the fourth most common microorganism isolated from blood samples.   More...
21 Jan 2015
Image: Diagnostics-in-a-Suitcase contains all the equipment and reagents necessary to detect the Ebolavirus within 15 minutes (Photo courtesy of Karin Tilch/DPZ).

Suitcase Laboratory Set to Improve Ebolavirus Control

A portable laboratory for the diagnosis of Ebolavirus has been developed and the new method is six to ten times faster than the current one, equally sensitive and will be tested in Africa soon.  More...
20 Jan 2015
Image: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (stained purple) in a tissue specimen (blue) (Photo courtesy of the CDC - US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Assay Measuring Eight Cytokine Markers Discriminates Active from Latent Form of Tuberculosis

A new real-time reverse transcription-PCR assay allows diagnosticians to distinguish between active pulmonary tuberculosis and the latent form of the disease, which are disease states that cannot be differentiated by either the tuberculin skin test or interferon-gamma release assays.  More...
19 Jan 2015

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