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AB Sciex


Serum Protein Biomarkers Detect Invasive Breast Cancer

The ability of serum protein biomarkers in conjunction with autoantibodies to distinguish between invasive breast cancer and benign breast conditions has been demonstrated.  More...
01 Oct 2014

D-dimer Assay for Exclusion of Pulmonary Embolism First to Meet Advanced Standards

For the first time a D-dimer assay for exclusion of pulmonary embolism meets the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval requirements now based on the new and more restrictive standards established by the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute.  More...
01 Oct 2014
DiagCor Bioscience

Rapid Diagnostic Test Evaluated for Yaws Infection

The development of a rapid diagnostic test for serological diagnosis in the isolated communities affected by yaws is a key requirement for the successful implementation of the global control strategy.    More...
30 Sep 2014
Image: A line of antibodies to human blood proteins offers high quality and flexibility in testing for a wide range of blood proteins (Photo courtesy of The Binding Site).

Extensive Line of Anti-Human Protein Antibodies Available

A line of antibodies to human blood proteins offers the in vitro diagnostics and life sciences sectors high quality and flexibility in testing for a wide range of blood proteins.  More...
24 Sep 2014

Blood Test Offers Specific Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

A new blood test has been developed allowing doctors to predict which ovarian cancer patients will respond to particular types of treatment.  More...
22 Sep 2014
Life Technologies

APOE Genotype Biomarkers Evaluated for Alzheimer Disease

Cerebral spinal fluid levels of β-amyloid 42 are associated with the diagnosis of Alzheimer disease and accumulation in the brain independent of apolipoprotein E gene makeup.    More...
18 Sep 2014

Autoantibody Test Helps Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes

The first zinc transporter 8 autoantibody test has been approved for marketing and the test can help determine if a person has diabetes mellitus type 1 and not another type of diabetes.   More...
09 Sep 2014

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