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11 Feb 2016 - 12 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016 - 20 Feb 2016
25 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016


TB Tests Assessed to Diagnose Pregnant HIV Positive Women

The most commonly used test for tuberculosis fails to accurately diagnose the disease in up to 50% percent of pregnant women who are positive for the human immunodeficiency virus.   More...
09 Feb 2016

Positive Control Developed for Serological Tests for Onchocerciasis

Onchocerciasis, or “river blindness,” is a disease caused by the filarial parasiteOnchocerca volvulus that affects an estimated 37 million in Africa and a few thousand people in the Americas and Yemen.   More...
03 Feb 2016

Immunochromatographic Test Evaluated to Diagnose Schistosomiasis

The Kato-Katz stool smear is the standard test for the diagnosis of Schistosoma mansoni infection but suffers from low sensitivity when infections intensities are moderate to low and therefore, misdiagnosed individuals remain untreated and contribute to the disease transmission.  More...
02 Feb 2016

New Approach to Aid in Diagnosing Lower Back Pain Revealed

In a clinical study, scientists have identified a potential new method, based on biochemical profiling of serum for circulating cytokines, that may assist in refining personalized diagnoses of disc diseases and possibly even in distinguishing between severe and mild conditions.   More...
27 Jan 2016

Hepatitis C Positive Antibody Test Leads to Molecular Assay

Conventional laboratory and medical practice for Hepatitis C virus infection involves referring a patient for a second office visit and blood draw if the initial antibody screening test produces a positive result.  More...
18 Jan 2016
Micromedic Technologies

Polymer-Based Rapid Test Visually Differentiates Tumor Cells

A polymer-based rapid test has been developed which visually differentiates tumor cells from healthy cells in a tissue section through the use of a simple microscope. Surgeons can already use the test in the operating room which saves time and expenses.  More...
18 Jan 2016

Novel Immunoassay Developed to Diagnose Dengue

Until now, it has been difficult to diagnose whether someone is suffering from dengue fever or whether they have contracted another flavivirus, such as yellow fever, West Nile virus, or Tick-borne encephalitis virus.   More...
17 Jan 2016

The Immunology channel of LabMedica deals with diagnostic techniques and immuonassays such as ELISA, pregnancy tests, immunoblotting, immunohistochemical staining, serology, and associated hardware.
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