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Novel Approach Could Make Bone Marrow Transplants Safer

Treatment has been developed for bone marrow, via blood stem cell, transplantation safer and, as a result, more widely available to the millions of people living with blood disorders like sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). More...
23 Jun 2016
Image: The Agilent Bioanalyzer microfluidics-based platform (Photo courtesy of Agilent Technologies).

Blood Test Predicts Personalized Depression Treatment

A blood test has been developed that accurately and reliably predicts whether depressed patients will respond to common antidepressants, which could herald a new era of personalized treatment for people with depression. More...
22 Jun 2016
Image: The ImmunoSEQ kit for analyzing T- and B-cells (Photo courtesy of Adaptive Biotechnologies).

T-Cell Receptor Sequencing Reveals Novel Biomarkers For Ovarian Cancer

Deep T-cell receptor (TCR) sequencing has been used to evaluate the clonal composition of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and identify novel prognostic biomarkers in ovarian cancer. More...
22 Jun 2016
Image: A histopathology of Hepatitis C viral infection of the liver, necrosis and inflammation are prominent, and there is some steatosis (Photo courtesy of the University of Utah Medical School).

Novel Test Allows for One-Step Diagnosis of HCV Infection

The current standard in diagnosing Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection requires two sequential steps that make it suboptimal, costly, inconvenient, time consuming, and globally not widely available or affordable. More...
21 Jun 2016
Image: New research suggests using an hs-CTrop-I assay can speed up diagnosis of a heart attack (Photo courtesy of Medscape).

New Blood Test Approach Helps Identify or Rule-Out Heart Attack

Two new studies have suggested that modified algorithms using the high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I (hs-CTrop-I) assay could help more quickly identify or exclude the diagnosis of a heart attack for patients reporting to an emergency department (ED) with suspected cardiac chest pain. More...
13 Jun 2016
Image: A strongly positive Mantoux tuberculin skin test (Photo courtesy of Mudnsky).

New Skin Test Developed For Tuberculosis Infection

A new skin test for tuberculosis infection has been tested and has proven safe, easy to administer and accurate in two Phase III clinical trials. The test is administered like a tuberculin skin test (TST), and results are interpreted by measuring the size of the skin induration two or three days later. More...
02 Jun 2016

Blood Test Advances Diagnosis Of HELLP Syndrome

A laboratory blood test for the diagnosis of a rare genetic red blood cell disorder also shows promise in identifying HELLP syndrome, a life-threatening high blood pressure condition affecting 1% of all pregnant women. More...
01 Jun 2016

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