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Blood Markers Help Predict Infant Heart Surgery Outcome

Inflammation and metabolism are closely interlinked and both undergo significant dysregulation following surgery for congenital heart disease, contributing to organ failure and morbidity.  More...
21 May 2015
Image: Touch imprint of a binucleated Reed-Sternberg cell ringed by lymphocytes in a classical Hodgkin lymphoma (Photo courtesy of PubCan).

Next-Generation Sequencing Technique Diagnoses Recurrent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

A next-generation sequencing-based approach can identify and quantify populations of B cells and detect tumor-specific DNA sequences in the blood of people with classical Hodgkin's lymphoma.  More...
14 May 2015

Study Quantifies Change in Cardiac Troponin Enabling Earlier Diagnosis of Heart Attack

In a robust clinical study, researchers have determined the precise magnitude of change in cardiac troponin levels required for early diagnosis of a heart attack, thus improving the already FDA-cleared blood test.  More...
12 May 2015

Serological Assays Define Extent of Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

Microbiological diagnosis of Legionnaires’ disease during acute illness is based on culture, polymerase chain reaction of respiratory samples, and/or detection of Legionella antigen in urine.   More...
30 Apr 2015
Image: Transmission electron micrograph of Puumala virus (Photo courtesy of Hans R. Gelderblom and Freya Kaulbars).

Severe Hantavirus Disease Associated with Low Serum TGF-β Levels

Hantaviruses are emerging zoonotic pathogens which cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, an immune-mediated pathogenesis, and the role of transforming growth factor-β expression in acute Hantavirus infection has been investigated.   More...
28 Apr 2015
Image: The Erenna Immunoassay System (Photo courtesy of Singulex).

Huntington's Disease Protein Quantified in Cerebrospinal Fluid

An immunoassay has been able to measure for the first time the build-up of a harmful mutant protein in the nervous system of patients during the progression of Huntington's disease.  More...
21 Apr 2015
Image: An activated basophil in a blood film (Photo courtesy of The Tulane University).

Blood Test Predicts Food Allergy Severity

A new blood test promises to predict which people will have severe allergic reactions to foods such as peanuts and shellfish.   More...
20 Apr 2015

The Immunology channel of LabMedica deals with diagnostic techniques and immuonassays such as ELISA, pregnancy tests, immunoblotting, immunohistochemical staining, serology, and associated hardware.
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