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Genotyping Performed by FRET-PCR Without DNA Extraction

Blood samples are extensively used for the molecular diagnosis of many hematological diseases using a variety of techniques, based on the amplification of nucleic acids.  More...
07 Jul 2014
Image: Red blood cell transfusion pack (Photo courtesy of Australian Red Cross).

Red Blood Cell Transfusion Benefits Analyzed for Trauma Patients

The risks and benefits of red blood cell transfusions for patients with trauma and major bleeding might vary considerably based on a patient's predicted risk of death on arrival at a trauma center.  More...
02 Jul 2014

Excessive Platelet Sterilization Potentially Dangerous

Chemical processes used to sterilize blood products could lead to serious health issues in transfusion recipients, according to a new study.   More...
22 Jun 2014
Image: The Sysmex CS2000i fully automated blood coagulation analyzer (Photo courtesy of Siemens).

Automated Methods Evaluated for Von Willebrand Factor Activity

Von Willebrand factor assays have an important role in the diagnostic evaluation, and treatment monitoring, of von Willebrand disease, which is one of the most common coagulopathies or bleeding disorders.    More...
12 Jun 2014
Image: Blood film showing five active eosinophils with a multisegmented nucleus and numerous eosinophilic granules (Photo courtesy of American Academy of Pediatrics).

Elevated Blood Eosinophil Levels Predict Asthma Exacerbations

In adults with persistent asthma, elevated blood eosinophil levels may be able to predict which individuals are at increased risk for exacerbations.  More...
05 Jun 2014

Recycled Blood Superior to Banked Blood for Surgery

Patients whose own red blood cells are recycled during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery fare better than those who get transfusions from a blood bank, according to a new study.  More...
25 May 2014

Exome Sequencing Will Help Diagnose Patients with Unknown Disorders

Pathologists and clinical laboratory professionals will be able to obtain more precise results using exome sequencing for clinical diagnostic purposes.   More...
21 May 2014

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