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AB Sciex


Image: The topography of a red blood cell as measured by the spatial light interference microscope (SLIM) optical technique. Though the cell keeps its shape as it ages, the membrane becomes less flexible (Photo courtesy of Prof. Gabriel Popescu).

Optical Interferometry Assays Stored Erythrocyte Function

The effect of the storage on the erythrocyte membrane deformability and morphology has been investigated using optical interferometry which can image red blood cell topography with nanometer sensitivity.  More...
17 Sep 2014

Novel Method Developed for More Effective Noninvasive Prostate Cancer Screening

Comparing healthy volunteers and prostate cancer patients, researchers have successfully shown that their new method, which builds on the use of SERS spectroscopy of silver nanoparticles mixed with blood samples, could reveal cases of cancer.  More...
17 Sep 2014
DiagCor Bioscience
Image: Photomicrograph of a blood film from a patient with atypical chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Lymphocytes were primarily small with round nuclei, condensed chromatin and scant cytoplasm. Approximately 20% of the lymphocytes had the morphologic features of prolymphocytes with finely dispersed chromatin and central nucleoli (arrows) (Photo courtesy of the American Society of Hematology).

Atypical Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Identified by Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopy has been used to morphologically classify chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients as atypical chronic lymphocytic leukemia or typical CLL, and determine the prevalence of prognostic markers in each group.  More...
09 Sep 2014
Image: Scientists have developed a simple new test for sickle cell disease that provides results in just 12 minutes and costs as little as USD 0.5 — far simpler, faster, and cheaper than current tests (Photo courtesy of Dr. A. Kumar and Harvard University).

Novel Diagnostic Test Developed for Sickle Cell Disease

Researchers have developed a simple, rapid, low-cost test for sickle cell disease that could enable large-scale global screening also of children in underprivileged regions, such as those in Africa and India.  More...
09 Sep 2014

Flow Cytometry Detects Lymphoproliferative Disorders in Fluid Specimens

Immunophenotypic analysis of hematopoietic cell populations by flow cytometry has emerged as a useful ancillary study in the diagnostic evaluation of serous effusions and cerebrospinal fluids.  More...
26 Aug 2014
Life Technologies

Landmark First Research Test Kit for Systemic Sclerosis Launched

A novel combination of biomarkers has been developed into a test kit to facilitate diagnostics research of systemic sclerosis specifically and complex autoimmune diseases in general.  More...
25 Aug 2014

Newborn Screening Improves Early Detection and Treatment of SCID

Children born with severe combined immune deficiency, the so-called "bubble boy" disease, have the best chance of survival if they undergo a hematopoietic stem cell transplant as soon after birth as possible.  More...
19 Aug 2014

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