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02 Oct 2016 - 05 Oct 2016
10 Oct 2016 - 12 Oct 2016


Image: Researchers in Greece found the hormone irisin may help improve decrease diagnosis of PCOS in teenagers, and may prove to be an effective target for treatment (Photo courtesy of Alexander Raths / Shutterstock).

Hormone Test May Reduce Rate of Teens Misdiagnosed with PCOS

Measuring blood levels of the recently discovered hormone irisin may improve accurate diagnosis rates of teenagers with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and so reduce the number of unnecessary treatments prescribed to healthy girls at an especially critical stage in their lives. More...
19 Sep 2016
Image: The Proxima blood gas analysis system can be connected into LIS and data management systems of Conworx (Photo courtesy of Sphere Medical).

CE-Marked Blood Analyzer Interfaces with Popular Data Management System

Unique point-of-care (POC) connectivity to a widely used information transfer and management system is now available for a novel in-line arterial blood analyzer that supports rapid and frequent measurement of blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites to monitor critical care patients without leaving bedside. More...
12 Sep 2016
Sekisui Diagnostics
Image: A photomicrograph of a leukemic cell and an extracellular vesicle (Photo courtesy of University of Manchester).

Novel Leukemic Blood Test Has Massive Diagnostic Potential

The potential of a new test, which could revolutionize the way doctors diagnose and monitor common childhood leukemia, has been explored. The test is based on the fact that cancerous acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells produce and release special structures that can be traced in the blood. More...
07 Sep 2016

Prognostic Biomarkers Predict Dengue Shock and Organ Failure

There are presently no biomarkers that can predict the incidence of dengue shock and/or organ failure, although the early identification of risk factors is important in determining appropriate management to reduce mortality. More...
07 Sep 2016

Inherited Genetic Variant Increases Risk of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

An inherited genetic variant, associated with an increased risk of developing the most common type of leukemia, helps cancer cells survive has been identified and these findings could lead to new ways to target the disease. More...
01 Sep 2016
Image: The XT 2000i fully automated hematology analyzer (Photo courtesy of Sysmex).

Diagnostic Predictive Value of Platelet Indices Evaluated

The two main causes of thrombocytopenia excluding pseudo thrombocytopenia are increase destruction or peripheral consumption also known as hyper-destructive thrombocytopenia. Decreased platelet productions or hypo-production thrombocytopenia are associated with a number of bone marrow diseases. More...
31 Aug 2016
Image: The Rotor-Gene real-time PCR system (Photo courtesy of Qiagen).

Early Detection Identified for Leukemia Patients' Resistance to Therapy

A world-first breakthrough in the early detection of patients' resistance to a common treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia has been made. The discovery offers some hope that the patients' treatment could be changed sooner to improve their chances of survival. More...
25 Aug 2016

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