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New Blood Test Predicts Sepsis in Burn Patients

A new study suggests that measuring three biomarkers of neutrophil function could help determine which burn victims are likely to develop sepsis during their treatment. More...
21 Jul 2016
Image: A diagram showing the assessment of embolic stroke risk by measuring blood coagulability (Photo courtesy of the Department of Biofunctional Informatics, TMDU).

Blood Coagulation Detector Helps Monitor Stroke Risk

An analyzer recently developed to measure blood coagulability has the sensitivity to detect hypercoagulability associated with stroke risk in those without atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation (AF) causes an irregular and sometimes fast heart rate, and is a common risk factor for stroke. More...
20 Jul 2016
Image: The automated XN-1000 hematology analyzer (Photo courtesy of Sysmex).

Test Developed to Predict Sepsis in Burns Patients

The diagnosis of sepsis represents a major clinical challenge as many classical diagnostic biomarkers are masked by the ongoing systemic inflammatory response syndrome following major burn injury. More...
13 Jul 2016
Image: A photomicrograph of a blood smear from a patient with acute myeloid leukemia, with very large, immature myeloblasts with many nucleoli (Photo courtesy of the CDC).

Faulty Genetic Instructions Drive Deadly Leukemia in Adults

Acute myeloid leukemia is one of the most common acute leukemia or blood cancer types in adults, and involves over-production of immature blood cells that then crowd out normal, healthy cells. More...
06 Jul 2016
Image: The FACSCalibur flow cytometer modular analyzer (Photo courtesy of BD Biosciences).

Flow Cytometric Assay Evaluated for Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia

Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) is an immune-mediated thrombocytopenia associated with heparin therapy and the diagnosis consists of a combination of pretest probability and laboratory testing. More...
05 Jul 2016
Image: A photomicrograph of sickle-shape red blood cells from a patient with sickle cell disease (Photo courtesy of the CDC).

Novel Approach Could Make Bone Marrow Transplants Safer

Treatment has been developed for bone marrow, via blood stem cell, transplantation safer and, as a result, more widely available to the millions of people living with blood disorders like sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). More...
23 Jun 2016
Image: A peripheral blood film showing three eosinophils from a patient with eosinophilia (Photo courtesy of the University of Maryland).

Peripheral Blood Eosinophilia Correlates with Hyperplastic Nasal Polyp Growth

A reliable way to track the course of nasal polyps in chronic sinus disease, maybe linked to rising levels of immune system white blood cells, called eosinophils, with regrowth of polyps removed by surgery. More...
22 Jun 2016

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