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Image: The NanoVue spectrophotometer (Photo courtesy of GE Healthcare).

Novel Molecular Blood Group Typing Technique Developed

A new system for molecular blood group typing has been designed that offers blood banks the possibility of extensive screening of blood donors at a relatively low cost.  More...
24 Apr 2014

Sleep Apnea Severity Independently Predicts Glycemic Health

Sleep apnea has been linked with elevated blood sugar levels, suggesting people with the condition could be at an increased risk of cardiovascular illness and mortality.  More...
16 Apr 2014

Blood Iron Test Predicts Fatal Outcomes

The transferrin saturation ratio is a commonly used indicator of iron deficiency and iron overload in clinical practice, but precise relationships with total and cardiovascular mortality are equivocal.    More...
14 Apr 2014

New Blood Test to Provide Safe, Early Prenatal Genetic Screening

A noninvasive blood test has been developed to enable safe early prenatal detection of fetal chromosome abnormalities such as in Down's syndrome as well as the more challenging detection of microdeletions.  More...
08 Apr 2014

New Version of 3-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer Launched

A new hematology analyzer is particularly suitable for small laboratories, satellite clinics, and doctors’ offices.   More...
08 Apr 2014

Blood Donations Screened for Viruses Using Multiplex Assay

A global healthcare company was chosen to partner the Japanese Red Cross for nucleic acid screening of the nation's blood supply.  More...
07 Apr 2014
Image: At each of the new My HDL Hub health centers, individuals receive comprehensive blood tests and personalized guidance with the company\'s clinical health consultants (Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.).

New Health Hubs Offer Guidance and Risk-Factor Blood Testing Services

A newly opened group of health centers provides comprehensive blood tests, including risk-factor assessment for conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as post-testing guidance and support services.  More...
07 Apr 2014

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