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Image: The BD LSR II benchtop flow cytometer (Photo courtesy of Becton Dickinson).

Blood Processing Methods Affect Microparticles Linked To Transfusion Reactions

Specific red blood cell manufacturing methods may be less damaging to cells than others and knowledge of this could help reduce adverse reactions in transfusion recipients and may impact the future of how blood is collected around the world. More...
29 Apr 2016
Image: The Axiovert 40 fluorescent microscope (Photo courtesy of Zeiss).

Novel Method Creates Megakaryocytes From Stem Cells For Transfusion

The production of megakaryocytes (MKs), the precursors of blood platelet, from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) offers exciting clinical opportunities for transfusion medicine. Up to four components can be derived from donated blood: red cells, white cells, plasma and platelets. More...
28 Apr 2016

Elevated Platelet Tests Associated with Severe Heart Disease Risks

As a major component of the blood-vascular axis responsible for preventing hemorrhage, platelets are crucial in the development of ischemic stroke due to its participation in thromboemboli that may initiate the symptoms of stroke.  More...
13 Apr 2016
Image: Electron micrograph of Bartonella henelae, Gram-negative bacteria that causes cat scratch fever (Photo courtesy of the Prokaryotes).

Emerging Blood-Borne Bacteria Found in Blood Donors

Bartonella species cause chronic and intermittent intra-erythrocytic bacteremia and infect endothelial cells of both incidental and natural reservoir hosts. The establishment of chronic, stealth infection is achieved by evasion of innate immune responses.  More...
04 Apr 2016
Image: Schematics of the combination of Amotosalen and UVA illumination for eliminating pathogens from donor blood for transfusions (Magdy El Ekiaby, MD).

Zika Virus Inactivated in Plasma for Transfusion

The potential for Zika virus transmission through blood transfusion has been demonstrated during the French Polynesian outbreak as 2.8% of blood donors, who were asymptomatic at the time of donation, were found positive for acute ZIKV infection using specific reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction.   More...
03 Apr 2016

Immune Cells Adapt Inefficiently in Patients with Uncontrolled HIV

Antibodies derived from a type of immune cell found in unusually high numbers in human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals with chronically uncontrolled virus levels are less effective at neutralizing HIV than antibodies derived from a different type of immune cell more common in people without HIV.  More...
28 Mar 2016

Immunoassay Systems Evaluated for Detection of Antiphospholipid Antibodies

Antiphospholipid syndrome or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, or also Hughes syndrome, is an autoimmune, hypercoagulable state caused by antiphospholipid antibodies.  More...
28 Mar 2016

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