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Coagulation Analyzer Aids Management of Warfarin

A hand-held coagulation analyzer enables rapid decision-making in physician offices and clinics monitoring patient oral anticoagulation therapy.  More...
27 May 2015

Capillary Electrophoresis Evaluated for Hemoglobinopathy Testing

The detection of structural hemoglobin variants and thalassemia has become increasingly important in clinical laboratories of all countries with a large influx of immigrants over the past 10 years.  More...
26 May 2015
Image:  The AnemoCheck point-of-care test for hemoglobin (Photo courtesy of Erika Tyburski).

New Point of Care Test for Anemia Developed

New diagnostic technology may shift some hemoglobin testing for anemia out of clinical laboratories and into near-patient settings and it may also be possible to use this new diagnostic device for patient self-testing.  More...
20 May 2015
Image: Photomicrograph of a blood film from a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) showing a hypogranular neutrophil with a pseudo-Pelger-Huet nucleus and the red blood cells show marked poikilocytosis (Photo courtesy of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology).

Gene Mutation Test Diagnoses Myeloid Neoplasms

A wide range of gene mutations are associated with myeloid neoplasms, which occur when the bone marrow makes too many blood cells or platelets.  More...
18 May 2015

Next-Generation Sequencing Technique Diagnoses Recurrent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

A next-generation sequencing-based approach can identify and quantify populations of B cells and detect tumor-specific DNA sequences in the blood of people with classical Hodgkin's lymphoma.  More...
14 May 2015
Image: A unit of O Rh Negative red cells for use in blood transfusion (Photo courtesy of New Zealand Blood Services).

Fresh Whole Blood Reduces Transfusion-Related Illnesses for Pediatric Heart Surgery

The use of fresh whole blood from single donors may reduce the risk of lifelong complications for young children undergoing heart surgery.  More...
12 May 2015
Image: Hemagglutination test of red cells used for typing ABO blood groups (Photo courtesy of University College London).

Donated Blood Could Be Transformed Into Universal Type

Blood transfusions are critically important in many medical procedures, but the presence of antigens on erythrocytes means that careful blood-typing must be carried out prior to transfusion to avoid adverse and sometimes fatal reactions following transfusion.  More...
11 May 2015

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