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Image: Histology of a kidney biopsy from a patient with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) showing an acute thrombotic microangiopathy (Photo courtesy of Nephron).

Platelet Transfusions for Rare Blood Cell Disorders Increases Mortality Risk

Patients hospitalized with certain rare blood cell disorders frequently receive a treatment that is associated with a two- to fivefold increase in death.  More...
29 Jan 2015

Diagnostic Assay and Handheld Analyzers Exhibited in Dubai

A global diagnostics company exhibited its new early sepsis assay and point-of-care hemoglobin analyzer, and previewed its new lactate analyzer at Arab Health 2015.  More...
29 Jan 2015
Image: The single-channel ERBA ECL 105 – one of two new coagulation analyzers from Transasia that provide users with freedom of testing choice from a broad range of tests and patients with dependable, timely results (Photos courtesy of Transasia Bio-Medicals).

New Affordable Coagulation Analyzers Provide Broad Testing Range

The most common coagulation tests performed include PT, aPTT, and D Dimer. While in some labs there is a need for PT, aPTT, D Dimer, and fibrinogen, others such as blood banks routinely perform fibrinogen and Factor VIII. Another customer set, specializing in coagulopathy, tests for certain rare parameters. However, not all available systems are equipped to cater to these requirements. Also in need of immediate attention are: not having small reagent pack sizes for D Dimer and unavailability of timely service in remote areas.  More...
28 Jan 2015
Image: The cobas s 201 multi-dye, nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT) screening system for blood and plasma (Photo courtesy of the Jankalyan Blood Bank).

Blood Screening Assay Detects and Identifies Three Major Viruses

A qualitative in vitro test for the direct detection of major pathogenic viruses in human plasma is intended to be used in the screening donations of human whole blood and blood components in pools of 6 samples, and source plasma donations in pools of up to 96 samples.   More...
22 Jan 2015
Image: The INTERCEPT Blood system for platelets (Photo courtesy of Cerus).

Pathogen Reduction System for Treating Platelets Approved

Despite 10 years of efforts to improve bacterial culture testing, bacterial contamination of platelet components is the second most common cause of transfusion related death in the USA.   More...
15 Jan 2015
Image: Operating principle of the photothermal spectral-domain optical coherence reflectometer (PT SD-OCR) sensor for hemoglobin measurement (Photo image courtesy of Yonsei University).

Hemoglobin Assay Performed with Photothermal Optical Sensor

An optical sensor, termed a photothermal spectral-domain optical coherence reflectometer is capable of direct measurement of hemoglobin concentration without chemicals and preprocessing of blood.  More...
12 Jan 2015
Image: Histology of chronic inflammation of upper dermis with perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate and intraepidermal lymphocytes from a patient with graft versus host disease (Photo courtesy of Dr. Amy Lynn).

Test Predicts Treatment Response to Leukemia Stem Cell Transplants

A new test may reveal which patients will respond to treatment for graft versus host disease, an often life-threatening complication of stem cell transplants used to treat leukemia and other blood disorders.  More...
07 Jan 2015

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