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Genetic Cause of Increased Leukemia Risk Identified

A newly discovered heritable genetic cause of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has been pinpointed, specifically a mutation of the oncogene that encodes an E26 transformation-specific factor.   More...
13 Apr 2015
Image: Plastic bag of red blood cells tested and typed as O Rh positive, ready for transfusion (Photo courtesy of the American Red Cross).

Age of Transfused Blood in Critically Ill Adults Assessed

Blood for transfusion that has been stored for three weeks appears to be just as good as fresh blood for critically ill patients in need of red blood cell transfusion.   More...
07 Apr 2015

New Test Detects Both Parvovirus B19 and Hepatitis A in Plasma

A CE-marked molecular duplex test, for use on Cobas 6800/8800 systems, helps increase safety of human blood and plasma products by simultaneous screening for parvovirus B19 and hepatitis A virus.  More...
06 Apr 2015
Image: Phlebotomy or venipuncture performed to obtain blood for laboratory tests (Photo courtesy of Sweet Water Health and Education).

Excessive Phlebotomy in Cardiac Surgical Care Leads to Anemia

Laboratory testing among patients undergoing cardiac surgery can lead to excessive bloodletting, which can increase the risk of developing hospital-acquired anemia and the need for blood transfusion.   More...
02 Apr 2015

Advanced Miniature In-Line Blood Gas Analyzer Launched in Europe

A CE-marked patient-dedicated system, presented at ISICEM 2015, delivers point-of-care testing by enabling critical care staff to obtain rapid and frequent laboratory-accurate arterial blood gas measurements without leaving the patient’s bedside, facilitating effective and timely clinical decisions.   More...
01 Apr 2015
Image: Plastic bag containing 0.5 to 0.7 liters of packed red blood cells in citrate, phosphate, dextrose, and adenine (CPDA) solution (Photo courtesy of Fresenius HemoCare).

Transfusion Protocols Compared After Cardiac Surgery

Unnecessary blood transfusions may increase healthcare costs both directly, because blood is an increasingly scarce and expensive resource, and indirectly due to the complications associated with transfusion.  More...
26 Mar 2015

Novel Noninvasive Diagnostic Test Developed for Colorectal Cancer

Researchers have developed a genetic test for colorectal cancer using a novel liquid “biopsy” of circulating tumor cells from whole blood, a rapid, easy-to-use technology developed to improve treatment, monitoring, and overall care of cancer patients.   More...
16 Mar 2015

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