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Genetic Tests

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Histopathology of colonic adenocarcinoma; the glands are enlarged and filled with necrotic debris (Photo courtesy of the University of Utah).

Promising Blood Biomarkers Isolated for Colorectal Cancer

The search for blood-borne biomarkers that could be used to screen for colorectal cancer (CRC) has uncovered two promising candidates that may one day lead to the development of a simple blood test.... Read more


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Image: Histopathology of a bladder with infiltrating high grade urothelial carcinoma, seen in muscle and fat (Photo courtesy of Johns Hopkins Pathology).

Biopsy Quality Linked to Bladder Cancer Patient Survival

The quality of diagnostic staging using biopsy in patients with bladder cancer is directly linked with survival, meaning those that do not get optimal biopsies are more likely to die from their disease.... Read more

Industry News

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Distribution Agreement Will Streamline Methotrexate Determinations

Measurement of levels of the anticancer and anti-autoimmune disease drug methotrexate in human serum or plasma will be streamlined by the integration of a quantitative methotrexate assay into the menu of a popular line of clinical chemistry autoanalyzers. Methotrexate, which acts by inhibiting the metabolism of folic... Read more

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