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Genetic Tests

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Image: Proposed mechanism of genetic material from tumor entering into circulation (Photo courtesy of University of Utah).

Tumor Markers in Blood Underpins Future Bowel Cancer Screening

The positivity from a two-gene DNA blood test increases with the depth of cancer invasion, tumor size, stage and presence of metastases in bowel cancer patients. The two-genes are known as IKAROS Family... Read more


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Image: NanoFlares-specially designed stem cells that have been developed to detect blood-borne cancers. When the cells come in contact with cancerous cells, they emit light (Photo courtesy of the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University).

Nanoflares Detect Live Tumor Cells in Human Blood

Metastasis portends a poor prognosis for cancer patients and primary tumor cells disseminate through the bloodstream before the appearance of detectable metastatic lesions. The analysis of cancer cells... Read more

Industry News

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Physician Office Testing Found Responsive to Developing World Needs

The points of strongest demand in the global physician office laboratory (POL) sector have converged around testing related to lifestyle diseases, according to a new report from Kalorama Information (New York City, NY, USA). Also, use of the most-performed POL tests is quickly growing in the developing world.... Read more

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