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New Approach Identifies Multiple Melanoma Drug Resistance Biomarkers

A recent paper described the use of liquid chromatography-multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (LC-MRM) for assessing melanoma biomarkers in the blood in order to determine the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Modern chemotherapeutic techniques based on treatment with multiple anticancer drugs require the identification... Read more

Lab Technology

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Image: Visualization from a numerical simulation of a cell flowing past the obstacle through the microfluidic device (Image courtesy of KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology).

Microfluidic Device Could Improve Biomarker Analyses

A new microfluidic device could offer a more reliable alternative for detecting biomarkers in patients facing such illnesses as cancer or malaria. The physical attributes of cells are important biomarkers... Read more

Industry News

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Biocartis and Abbott Enter Exclusive Partnership to Develop Multiplex Companion Diagnostics

The new collaboration between Biocartis (Biocartis NV; Mechelen, Belgium) and Abbott Laboratories (Abbott Park, IL, USA) is expected to fuel new pharmaceutical partnerships for companion diagnostics programs. Under the agreement, the companies will develop and commercialize multiplex companion diagnostics tests, and... Read more

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