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Clinical Chemistry

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Saliva Cited as Reservoir of Diagnostically Valuable RNA Species

Saliva has been shown to be a source for several classes of RNA molecules that can provide genomic information, which can be used to diagnose both chronic and acute diseases. A recent study showed that despite the presence of proteolytic enzymes and other potentially degrading substances, saliva contains several classes... Read more

Genetic Tests

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Histopathology of colonic adenocarcinoma; the glands are enlarged and filled with necrotic debris (Photo courtesy of the University of Utah).

Promising Blood Biomarkers Isolated for Colorectal Cancer

The search for blood-borne biomarkers that could be used to screen for colorectal cancer (CRC) has uncovered two promising candidates that may one day lead to the development of a simple blood test.... Read more

Industry News

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Eurofins Genomics Buys VBC-Biotech Businesses, Establishes Austrian Subsidiary

Eurofins Genomics (Ebersberg, Germany) has acquired VBC-Biotech's (Vienna, Austria) oligonucleotide synthesis and DNA sequencing businesses, and an Austrian subsidiary is being established. Eurofins MWG Operon is an international provider of genomic services established around the core business lines next generation... Read more

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