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Analysis of Molecular Diagnostics Business Published

By Labmedica International staff writers
Posted on 10 Feb 2014
A six-month analysis of the fast-growing molecular diagnostics in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test sector has been published by Kalorama Information
(New York, NY, USA).

Molecular diagnostics is becoming a dominant platform in clinical medicine and it represents one of the fastest growing segments of the diagnostics market. In light of the amount of activity in test development and the regulatory and reimbursement challenges in 2013, the emphasis of the report is on the last 6 months of 2013, July–December. The report provides a breakdown of key market segments for molecular diagnostic markets in world regions, including developed nations and emerging nations.

In the six-month period, trends and developments are highlighted that presage the evolution of molecular tests and technologies. The combination of consumer demand, technological advances, and market forces created a dynamic, energetic, and fast-moving environment for new tests and companies.

Although focused on the developments of the last six months, coverage is substantial. The Kalorama report provides current market size and forecasts for Molecular Diagnostic Segments, including microbiology, histology, blood screening, prenatal, coagulation, inherited diseases, tissue typing, and cancer. A breakdown of key market segments for molecular diagnostic markets in world regions, including developed nations and emerging nations is provided.

In addition the following important trend information is provided: Selected Sequencing-Based Innovations July-December 2013, Selected Molecular Diagnostics collaborations, July-December 2013, Selected Molecular Diagnostics Licensing Agreements, July-December 2013, Selected Molecular Diagnostics Distribution Agreements, July-December 2013, Regulatory and Reimbursement Update and Molecular Test Revenues of the Top Companies, 2012-2013.

Market analysis in this report covers world markets for in vitro diagnostics, but there is a bias toward the developed areas of the globe—North America and Western Europe. However, public health and infectious disease are a growing global problem and where possible the report covers IVD products related to the globalization of diseases. The information presented in the Kalorama report is derived primarily from company reports and other publicly available information published by government and medical organizations.

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