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Clinical Chemistry

Bioengineers Present Glucose Monitor Tattoo Prototype

A team of bioengineers has presented a prototype "proof-of-concept" version of a temporary tattoo that is able to extract and measure the level of glucose in the fluid between human skin cells.  More...
26 Jan 2015
Image: The APPYReader, a compact, automated fluorescent immunoassay instrument for calculating APPY 1 test results (Photo courtesy of Venaxis).

Blood Test Aids Diagnosis of Appendicitis

Clinical trial results have been announced for a rapid blood test for aiding in identifying children, adolescent, and young adult patients in the emergency room who are at low probability for appendicitis.  More...
22 Jan 2015

Blood Test Measures Hepatic Fibrosis Progression

Viral hepatitis is the most prevalent infectious disease in Japan, affecting some three million people and left untreated, the condition can develop into severe illness as it progresses toward liver cell carcinoma.  More...
21 Jan 2015

New Robotic Solution Enhances Workflow Within Compact Footprint

An advance in compact robotic laboratory automation solutions, a new instrument consolidates sample management for chemistry and immunoassay testing and achieves some of the workflow benefits of automation without the space or budget associated with a track-based solution.  More...
20 Jan 2015
Image: Gross pathology of idiopathic cardiomyopathy. Opened left ventricle of heart shows a thickened, dilated left ventricle with subendocardial fibrosis manifested as increased whiteness of endocardium at autopsy (Photo courtesy of Dr. Edwin P. Ewing, Jr.).

Heart Failure Patients’ Blood Glucose Levels Predict Mortality Risk

The prognostic implications of blood glucose on a wide range of outcomes including early mortality, hospitalizations, and incident diabetes diagnoses have not been fully elucidated in acute heart failure syndromes.  More...
19 Jan 2015

Sensitive Estrogen Detection Method Developed

The hormone estrogen plays an important role in the human body and has been linked to everything from tumor growth to neuron loss during Alzheimer's disease, but detecting very small amounts of it in blood and other biological fluids can be difficult, especially in the limited amounts available in laboratory studies.  More...
14 Jan 2015

Fecal Occult Blood Screening Increases High-Risk Polyp Detection

The introduction of biennial colorectal cancer screening in a region of France increased the rate of diagnosis of high risk precancerous adenomas, sometimes called polyps, by 89%.  More...
13 Jan 2015

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