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Clinical Chemistry

Image: The Vectra DA disease activity test measures and scores 12 serum proteins associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (Photo courtesy of Crescendo Bioscience).

Rheumatoid Arthritis Test Predicts Patient Response to Drugs

A diagnostic for measuring the severity of rheumatoid arthritis can help guide patient selection for biologic or non-biologic drugs by predicting their response to the various therapies and treatment strategies.  More...
25 Nov 2015

Childhood Concussions Detected by Blood Test

A blood test has been developed that can detect even the most subtle signs of a concussion in children, correctly identifying the presence of traumatic brain injuries in the majority of cases.  More...
25 Nov 2015

New Test Significantly Improves Prostate Cancer Screening

The prostate-specific antigen test is used to screen for prostate cancer but has a high false-positive rate that translates into unnecessary prostate biopsies and overdiagnosis of low-risk prostate cancers.  More...
24 Nov 2015
Image: Radiograph of a child suffering a deficiency of vitamin D and has manifested symptoms of the disease Nutritional Rickets (Photo courtesy of Dr. Michael L. Richardson, MD).

Low Vitamin D Levels May Harm Heart Health

Vitamin D is important for bone health, promoting calcium absorption, but studies have increasingly suggested the vitamin may also play an important role in heart health, linking vitamin D deficiency to increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack and heart disease.  More...
23 Nov 2015
Image: The suPARnostic kit measures soluble urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor, a biomarker for kidney disease, by lateral cytometry test in plasma. The reading is performed in a small colorimeter (Photo courtesy of ViroGates).

Early Warning Biomarker Found for Chronic Kidney Disease

A simple blood test for a specific protein can predict a person's chances of developing chronic kidney disease five years before symptoms emerge, thus doing for kidney disease what cholesterol has done for cardiovascular disease.   More...
18 Nov 2015

Diabetic Risk in Obesity Delineated by Metabolic Status

The simple anthropometric measure of body mass index does not always reflect the biological effects of excessive body fat on health, thus additional molecular characterizations of obese phenotypes are needed to assess the risk of developing subsequent metabolic conditions at an individual level.   More...
10 Nov 2015
Image: Histologic appearance of tendinosis tissue shows a characteristic pattern of fibroblasts and vascular, atypical, granulation-like tissue (Photo courtesy of Dr. Barry S. Kraushaar, MD).

High Cholesterol Linked to Risk of Tendinopathy

People with genetically determined very high cholesterol levels, as in familial hypercholesterolaemia, seem to be at greater risk of tendon pain, but it is not clear if those with lower, but still high levels might also be vulnerable to tendon injuries.   More...
03 Nov 2015

The Clinical Chemistry channel updates the reader on tests, techniques, and research in the field - from routine assays to specialized tests on blood, urine, enzymes, lipids, hormones and more.
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