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Clinical Chemistry

Image:  The Agilent 6890 GC with 5973 Mass Spectrometer and Tekmar Velocity XPT Purge & Trap (Photo courtesy of Gen Tech).

Low Levels of Prohormone Predicts Coronary Heart Disease

The adrenal sex hormone dehydroepiandrosterone, which is present in serum mainly as the sulfate DHEA-S, is the most abundant steroid hormone in human blood and its levels decline dramatically with age.  More...
25 Nov 2014

Low Density Lipoprotein Apolipoprotein-B Assay Validated

The relationship between apolipoprotein-B concentration and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is more robust than the relationship between low density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration and CVD.  More...
20 Nov 2014
DiagCor Bioscience

Saliva Cited as Reservoir of Diagnostically Valuable RNA Species

Saliva has been shown to be a source for several classes of RNA molecules that can provide genomic information, which can be used to diagnose both chronic and acute diseases.  More...
17 Nov 2014

Fecal Testing Effective for Familial Colorectal Cancer Screening

Fecal immunochemical tests may be as effective as colonoscopies when it comes to detecting colorectal cancer among first-degree relatives of patients with colorectal cancer.   More...
13 Nov 2014

Criteria Optimized for Microscopy Following Automated Urine Analysis

Urinalysis is one of the most requested routine tests in clinical laboratories and is very useful in screening, diagnosing, and monitoring many diseases and is not limited in scope to diseases directly involving the urinary tract.  More...
06 Nov 2014
Life Technologies
Image: Histopathology of pulmonary adenocarcinoma with prominent signet-ring cell features (Photo courtesy of Cesar A. Moran, MD).

Potential Lung Cancer Blood Biomarker Found

Patients with non-small-cell lung cancer have different profiles of metabolites in their blood, suggesting there is a way to diagnose the disease from a blood sample.  More...
05 Nov 2014
Image: Researchers have developed a simple, sensitive test for vitamin B12 deficiency that requires only a single drop of blood (Photo courtesy of Don Erhardt and the University of British Columbia).

Simple Single-Drop Test for Vitamin B12 Deficiency Developed

Researchers have developed a novel method, requiring only a single drop of blood, to test for vitamin B12 deficiency that is sensitive enough to work on anyone, including newborn babies.  More...
04 Nov 2014

The Clinical Chemistry channel updates the reader on tests, techniques, and research in the field - from routine assays to specialized tests on blood, urine, enzymes, lipids, hormones and more.
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