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Bio-Rad Diabetes Division

Clinical Chemistry


Specialized Proteins Detected In Blood of Alzheimer's Disease Patients

In a select group of people who later developed dementia, the levels of the lysosomal proteins were abnormal while the people still had no problems with memory or thinking skills.  More...
29 Jun 2015

Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Developed for Rapid Determination of Thalassemia

A capillary zone electrophoresis method has been developed for human globin determination in the diagnosis of thalassemia and hemoglobin variants as analysis of globin chains is an important aspect of thalassemia diagnostics.   More...
11 Jun 2015

Next-Generation Whole-Cell Biosensors May Provide New Approach to Diagnostics

Researchers have developed the first programmable bacterial cells for medical diagnosis with improved computing and amplification capacity that could enable earlier clinical detection of various pathological biomarkers in urine or blood.  More...
09 Jun 2015

Rapid Extraction Technique Prepares Urine Samples for Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Disposable mini-tubes packed with capillary-channeled polymer fibers have been adapted for the rapid extraction of proteins from urine specimens for analysis by MALDI-MS.  More...
08 Jun 2015
Image: Computed tomography scan (CT) of a patient with brain trauma showing cerebral contusions, hemorrhage within the hemispheres, subdural hematoma, and skull fractures (Photo courtesy of Drs. T. Rehman, R. Ali, I. Tawil, and H. Yonas).

Blood Test Detects Traumatic Brain Injury Reducing Unnecessary Imaging

A simple blood test to measure brain-specific proteins released after a person suffers a traumatic brain injury can reliably predict both evidence of TBI on radiographic imaging and injury severity.  More...
03 Jun 2015
Image: Cxbladder kit, for the noninvasive laboratory test for the detection of bladder cancer (Photo courtesy of Peter Wren-Hilton).

Molecular Test Stratifies Patients with Bladder Cancer Symptoms

A urine-based molecular diagnostic combines clinical risk factors and gene expression biomarkers to accurately triage patients presenting with blood in their urine who have a low probability of urothelial cancer.  More...
02 Jun 2015

Urine-Based Test Improves Detection of Prostate Cancer

A new urine-based test improved prostate cancer detection, including detecting more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, compared to traditional models based on prostate serum antigen, or PSA, levels.   More...
02 Jun 2015

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