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22 Mar 2018 - 25 Mar 2018
02 Apr 2018 - 04 Apr 2018

Lab Tech.

Image: The μCENSE chip with the benchtop centrifugal platform in the background (Photo courtesy of Dr. Joo Chuan Yeo, PhD).

Liquid Biopsy Platform Isolates Circulating Disease Biomarkers

A new platform has been created with the potential to extract tiny circulating biomarkers of disease from patient blood. This simple, fast and convenient technique could help realize liquid biopsy diagnostics, which is a less invasive procedure than the current gold standard tumor biopsies. More...
19 Mar 2018
Image: A new technique that makes tuberculosis bacteria glow detects living Mycobacterium tuberculosis cells that have not been treated with drugs (left) but not those that have been treated (right) (Photo courtesy of Stanford University).

Solvatochromic Trehalose Probe Rapidly Detects TB

Despite its devastating toll on health, the bacteria causing tuberculosis (TB), Mycobacterium tuberculosis, can be hard to spot. Current tests rely on chemical stains and estimates put the sensitivity of these stains anywhere from 32% to 94%. More...
13 Mar 2018
Image: An illustration of the novel method for transporting biospecimens, which eliminates the current method using cold-chain transport (Photo courtesy of Washington University).

Novel Method Introduced for Dry Storage of Biological Samples

A novel method for preserving biological samples collected for diagnostic testing at room temperature may one day eliminate the need for refrigeration, which is often not available in third-world settings. More...
12 Mar 2018
Image: The microfluidic control instrument performing a Drop-seq run (Photo courtesy of the New York Genome Center).

Microfluidic Device Brings Single-Cell Technology to Bedside

The complex architecture and associated higher-order function of human tissues relies on functionally and molecularly diverse cell populations. Defining the cellular subsets found in pathologic tissues provides insights into disease etiology and treatment options. More...
06 Mar 2018
Image: The SteriPath Gen2 Blood Culture Collection System (Photo courtesy of Magnolia Medical Technologies).

Device Leads to Lower Blood Culture Contamination Rates

The use of a mechanical initial specimen diversion device and staff education has led to a nearly four-fold decrease in contaminated blood cultures that was sustained over 20 months. More...
07 Feb 2018
Image: The Amnis ImageStreamX Mark II imaging flow cytometer (Photo courtesy of the University of Alabama at Birmingham).

Improved Blood Stabilization Used for CTC Profiling

A new blood stabilization method significantly prolongs the lifespan of blood samples for microfluidic sorting and transcriptome profiling of rare circulating tumor cells, living cancer cells carried in the bloodstream. More...
24 Jan 2018
Image: The skin-like biosensor system developed for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring (Photo courtesy of Tsinghua University).

Biosensor System Developed for Blood Glucose Monitoring

Currently, noninvasive glucose monitoring is not widely appreciated because of its uncertain measurement, accuracy, weak blood glucose correlation and inability to detect hyperglycemia/hypoglycemia during sleep. More...
11 Jan 2018

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