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Lab Tech.

Image: A circulating tumor cell (arrow) diagnosed by the isolation by size of epithelial tumor cells (ISET) test (The pores of the filter are also visible) (Photo courtesy of Chichiselector).

Circulating Tumor Cells Directly Detected in Blood Samples

Tumor cells circulating in blood are markers for the early detection and prognosis of cancer. However, detection of these cells is challenging because of their scarcity. More...
21 Aug 2019
Image: Scientists combined multiphoton microscopy with automated image and statistical analysis algorithms to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue. In this image, collected in a completely label-free, noninvasive manner, collagen is colored green while ovarian metastatic cell clusters are presented in red (Photo courtesy of Tufts University).

Non-Invasive Imaging Detects Cancer at Molecular Level

For cancer patients the presence of metastases dictates the staging assessment, which in turn defines the appropriate treatment path selected. For gynecological malignancies, like ovarian carcinoma, it is of immense importance to differentiate between localized and metastatic disease status as that drastically affects management. More...
20 Aug 2019
BIOHIT  Healthcare OY
Image: An MIT-invented microfluidics device could help doctors diagnose sepsis, a leading cause of death in US hospitals, by automatically detecting elevated levels of a sepsis biomarker in about 25 minutes, using less than a fingerprick of blood (Photo courtesy of Felice Frankel).

Microfluidic Device Rapidly Diagnoses Sepsis

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition and early diagnosis is crucial to ensure that treatment is not delayed. However, as current diagnostic methods are imprecise, the condition is misdiagnosed in 30% of patients. More...
15 Aug 2019
Image: A circulating cancer cell (pink) attaches to carbon nanotube surface; white blood cells (blue) do not adhere and are later washed away (Photo courtesy of Curtis Sayers).

Liquid Biopsy Device Selectively Captures Circulating Tumor Cells

A new type of antigen-independent liquid biopsy captures device exploits the preferential attachment of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to the surface of carbon nanotubes. More...
12 Aug 2019
Image: A new study suggests that cutting-edge electronic devices can help doctors diagnose early stage bladder cancer (Photo courtesy of Ana Sandoiu).

Electronic Device May Help Diagnose Early Bladder Cancer

It is estimated that bladder cancer will affect 80,470 people in the USA this year, and about 17,670 deaths are likely to result from these cases. Doctors diagnose approximately half of all bladder cancers while the cancer is still in situ, while in about one-third the disease has already spread to other parts of the bladder. More...
09 Aug 2019
Image: The device without a smartphone (left) and with a smartphone attached (right) (Photo courtesy of Rohan Mehra - Division for Strategic Public Relations).

Smartphone-Based Device Used for Influenza Virus Detection

A simple and inexpensive smartphone-based device was able to detect influenza virus particles in clinical samples with almost 100 times greater sensitivity than commercial rapid influenza diagnostic tests. More...
05 Aug 2019
Image: The experimental results of immunostained cells using the electroactive microwell array with barriers (EMAB) device (Photo courtesy of Dr. Soo Hyeon Kim, University of Tokyo).

Novel Microfluidic Device Simplifies Cancer Screening Procedures

A novel microfluidic device is set to simplify screening for cervical cancer by efficiently isolating and trapping single cells for identification using direct immunostaining techniques. More...
05 Aug 2019

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