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Image: The microfluidic device SlipChip is designed to compartmentalize single molecules (Photo courtesy of SlipChip / CalTech).

Rapid Method Determines Antibiotic Susceptibility

A novel micro-fluidic device used a sensitive digital real-time loop-mediated isothermal amplification (dLAMP) assay to rapidly determine bacterial antibiotic susceptibility. More...
16 Oct 2017
Image: The LiDia diagnostic test will identify directly, without the need for culture, the microbial cause of bloodstream infection leading to sepsis (Photo courtesy of DNA Electronics).

Rapid Diagnostic Used in Sepsis Management

Until now, clinicians have had to trade off the speed and relative ease of use of conventional highly parallel individual assays, against the information richness, but complexity and unwieldiness of next generation sequencing (NGS). More...
10 Oct 2017
ELITech Group
Image: Beta-hemolytic colonies are distinguishable in agar co-cultures with alpha hemolytic S. pneumoniae. (A) Fluorescent and bright-field images of pure and admixed bacterial colonies in BHI agar with L-Hoechst (Photo courtesy of Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory).

Lipid Vesicles Replace Blood in New Bacteria Test

Beta-hemolytic bacteria are those pathogens that are frequently to blame for illnesses that are spread among school children like Streptococcus, or those like Listeria that cause many foodborne illnesses. The current test involves streaking a patient sample onto blood agar plates. More...
04 Oct 2017
Image: The novel automated slide-based approach: a microscope slide is moved under a blunt needle, providing a constant flow of whole blood. Typically, 1 μL of blood is deposited (Photo courtesy of James W. Winkelman, MD, et al).

Automated Slide-Based Approach Introduced for CBCs

The most commonly performed clinical laboratory test is the complete blood count (CBC). Currently, laboratory CBC systems obtain cell counts and morphologic information by maintaining the blood cells in a liquid “flow” and by using the Coulter impedance-based orifice or laser-based cytometry. More...
14 Sep 2017
Image: The fingerprint sample collection cartridge and the portable Reader 1000 analysis unit for drug screening (Photo courtesy of Intelligent Fingerprinting).

World’s First Portable Fingerprint Drug Test Launched

The world’s first portable fingerprint-based drug screening system has been launched and is available now. The revolutionary system is hygienic and easy-to-use, collecting fingerprint samples in just five seconds and delivering simultaneous screening results in less than ten minutes for the four main drug groups: cocaine, opiates, cannabis and amphetamines. More...
13 Sep 2017
Image: Paper-based diagnostic device that detects biomarkers and identifies diseases by performing electrochemical analyses. The assays change color to indicate specific test results. The device can be plugged into the handheld potentiostat, at left (Photo courtesy of Purdue University, Aniket Pal).

Disposable POC Device Introduced for Low-Resource Areas

A recent paper described a novel diagnostic device fabricated from various types of paper to be used for point-of-care testing in areas lacking electricity and other resources. More...
05 Sep 2017
Image: A representative picture of Giemsa-stained hydrophilic-treated COC plates; Arrows indicate Plasmodium-infected cells (Photo courtesy of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).

Malaria Diagnosis Employs Hydrophilic-Treated Plastic Plates

Malaria is a red blood cell (RBC) infection caused by Plasmodium parasite and to determine RBC infection rate, which is essential for malaria study and diagnosis, microscopic evaluation of Giemsa-stained thin blood smears on glass slides is performed. More...
30 Aug 2017

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