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Image: Researchers have devised a new microscopic tool to detect and analyze single melanoma cells that are more representative of the skin cancers developed by most patients (Photo courtesy of the University of Missouri).

Microscopy Innovation Developed to Diagnose Cancer

Researchers have developed a spectrophotometric technique for microscopic analysis of variations in single cancer cells, enabling more efficient diagnosis of melanomas, including metastasize forms. More...
23 May 2017
Image: Immunofluorescence staining showing extension of prostatic adenocarcinoma into the bladder wall in a castration resistant prostate (Photo courtesy of the Institute of Cancer Research).

Test Predicts Benefit of Targeted Cancer Treatments

There is an urgent need to develop biomarker strategies to a priori identify castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) patients who will derive minimal benefit from androgen receptor (AR) targeting and offer them an alternative treatment paradigm. More...
17 May 2017
Image: New research suggests that there may be a link between blood sugar and glioma (Photo courtesy of MNT).

Glioma Risk Lower with Elevated Blood Sugar

While many cancers are more common among those with diabetes, cancerous brain tumors called gliomas are less common among those with elevated blood sugar and diabetes. More...
16 May 2017
Image: The enlarged, basophilic, smudgy viral inclusions typical of BK polyoma virus nephropathy are seen in the tubular epithelium in this renal transplant case (Photo courtesy of Brent Weedman).

BK Virus Biomarkers Determined by Urine Samples

Transplants are lifesaving treatments for patients with end-stage kidney disease but around 25% fail within five years, either because the body begins to reject the new organ, or because a viral infection has taken hold of the kidney. More...
11 May 2017
Image: Dr. Xiang Zhang implementing the bone-in-culture array, a platform to model early-stage bone metastases and discover the fate of cancer cells (Photo courtesy of Baylor College of Medicine).

New Technique Tests Therapies for Cancer Metastasis

A new laboratory technique has been developed that can rapidly test the effectiveness of treatments for life-threatening, breast cancer metastases in bone. Until now, there has not been an effective laboratory platform to study metastatic tumors in their new microenvironment. More...
10 May 2017
Image: A histopathology of breast cancer:  intraductal carcinoma, noncomedo type, distended duct with intact basement membrane, micropapillary, and early cribriform growth pattern membrane and central tumor necrosis (Photo courtesy of Dr. Peter Abdelmessieh).

Multigene Test Extends Life Expectancy for Cancer Patients

Testing for variants in seven cancer-associated genes, versus the usual process of testing in just two genes, followed by risk-reduction management could cost-effectively improve life expectancy for women at risk of hereditary breast cancer. More...
04 May 2017
Image: An immunohistochemistry of fine needle aspirates in acinic cell carcinoma (AciCC) for SRY-related HMG-box 10 (SOX10) and 2-deoxyglucose-6-phosphate phosphatase (DOG1) (Photo courtesy of Emory University School of Medicine).

Ancillary Tests Developed for Salivary Gland Pathology

Salivary gland tumors represent a diverse set of tumors with a broad range of biologic behaviors, ranging from completely benign tumors to low-grade malignancies to high-grade malignancies. More...
03 May 2017

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