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01 Apr 2017 - 04 Apr 2017
03 Apr 2017 - 05 Apr 2017
06 Apr 2017 - 08 Apr 2017
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Image: The diagnosis, understanding, & treatment of Crohn’s disease may have now received a helping hand from a study aimed at developing a better blood test for the disease (Photo courtesy of the Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University).

Immunoproteomics Identifies New Biomarkers for Crohn’s Disease

Using a new screening approach, a study aimed at developing a better blood test for Crohn’s disease (CD) successfully identified several antibodies that could serve as diagnostic markers. More...
23 Mar 2017
Image: The fully automated EUROArrayScan PCR system reads microarrays for fast and standardized detection of STI pathogens (Photo courtesy of EUROIMMUN).

Microarray PCR System Detects STI Pathogens

An automated microarray-based PCR (polymerase chain reaction) system is able to detect 11 STI (sexually transmitted infection) pathogens in parallel from the same patient sample. More...
21 Mar 2017
Image: A scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of cultured Escherichia coli, one of the many microbial species present in the human gut (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia).

Transplanted Microbes Alter Gut Function and Behavior

Transplantation of fecal microbiota from patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) resulted in IBS-like changes in gut function as well as behavior in recipient mice. Such findings could facilitate development of improved diagnostics as well as effective treatments to replace current symptom-targeting treatments. More...
16 Mar 2017
Image: The Zika virus is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, such as A. aegypti (Image courtesy of Florida Atlantic University).

Portable Device Being Developed to Detect Zika at POC

A handheld diagnostic device may enable detection of Zika virus accurately, rapidly, and inexpensively in many settings, even at airports as it requires only a saliva sample. More...
10 Mar 2017
Image: New research shows nosocomial infections may be spread through bacteria in drains that migrates up into hospital sink drains (Photo courtesy of the University of Virginia).

Evidence Shows Nosocomial Infections Linked to Hospital Sink Bacteria

Investigators working with a unique hospital sink laboratory demonstrated that nosocomial infections, including those of multiple drug resistant organisms, are spread by bacterial colonies in the waste pipes that migrate up to the sink strainers where they are spread to the surface of the sink, faucets, and nearby counters. More...
07 Mar 2017
Image: A new proteomic assay has been designed to determine the cause of upper respiratory disease (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

Proteomic Assay Pinpoints Cause of Upper Respiratory Disease

A novel proteomics assay performed on nasal wash fluid rapidly determines if runny nose and other respiratory symptoms are due to cold or flu virus infection. More...
07 Mar 2017
Image: New clues to Nodding syndrome: scientists discovered antibodies to leiomodin-1 (green) inside human brain cells. This study suggests that Nodding syndrome may be an autoimmune disease (Photo courtesy Dr. Avindra Nath, MD).

Nodding Syndrome Linked to Worm Protein

Nodding syndrome is a form of epilepsy that occurs in children between the ages of 5 and 16 who live in distinct regions of Tanzania, Uganda and the Republic of South Sudan. More...
02 Mar 2017

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