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Lab Tech.

Image: A device the size of a pingpong ball can extract a small blood sample while held against the skin for two minutes (Photo courtesy of David Tenenbaum).

Device Leads to Pain-Free Blood Tests

A device the size of a Ping-Pong ball can extract a small blood sample while held against the skin for two minutes which may make blood sampling less painful and more convenient.  More...
30 Apr 2015
Image: Paper replaced nitrocellulose as support material in a new rapid assay for morphine (Photo courtesy of VTT).

Paper Replaces Nitrocellulose in New Rapid Test for Morphine

A recent paper described the use of paper as the support material for a rapid diagnostic test for detection of morphine in saliva.  More...
29 Apr 2015
Image: By quantifying the number of tumor-marker-targeting microbeads bound to cells (lower images), the D3 system categorizes high- and low-risk cervical biopsy samples as well as traditional pathology (upper images) does (Photo courtesy of Massachusetts General Hospital).

Smartphone Technology Will Extend Low-Cost Molecular Diagnostic Testing to Developing Countries

Advances in communications technology, including smartphones, Internet, and social media have created opportunities for next generation biomedical applications to be disseminated to areas distant from centralized laboratory settings.  More...
29 Apr 2015

Gastric Cancer Detected Through Exhaled Breath

A new type of technology that senses minute changes in the levels of particular compounds in exhaled breath accurately identifies high risk changes which herald the development of stomach cancer.  More...
28 Apr 2015

Next Generation of Rapid Diagnostic Assays Will Combine Disposable Test Materials with Smartphone Applications

The new generation of rapid diagnostic tests will reflect advances in both materials sciences and instant communications via the Internet and social media.  More...
27 Apr 2015

New Integrated Diagnostics Solution Launched at HIMSS 2015

A new solution for storing, viewing, and sharing digital pathology images between pathologists and radiologists has been launched at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference.  More...
23 Apr 2015

Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Evaluated At Point-Of-Care

For over a decade, the development of malaria rapid diagnostic tests has enabled reliable biological diagnostic testing in all situations where previously only clinical diagnosis was available. These RDTs are generally considered as point-of-care tests.   More...
23 Apr 2015

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