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Lab Technology

Image: New ThinCert cell culture inserts coated with collagen type I (Photo courtesy of Greiner Bio-One).

Greiner Bio-One to Introduce Innovative Lab Products at Analytica

A company that counts among its customers the world’s largest labs, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies will introduce six new products at the analytica trade fair, in May 2014.  More...
15 Apr 2014

Newly Augmented Microdispenser System Replaces Five Liquid Handling Instruments

Upgrades to a highly regarded microdispenser system allows the instrument fo replace up to five separate liquid handlers, saving operator time and instrumentation costs   More...
13 Apr 2014
Image: The concentration of biological molecules in a sample can be observed visually using laser-stimulated fluorescence (Photo courtesy of Fraunhofer IPA).

Blood Test Detects Tumor Markers Using Laser-Stimulated Fluorescence

Tumor markers in the blood help determine whether the patient is afflicted with a malign tumor and whether it is excreting markers more vigorously involving highly specific proteins.  More...
09 Apr 2014

Stool Samples Provide Marker for Bowel Disease

A novel method for distinguishing different types of bowel disease using the stool samples of patients has been created which is an ideal noninvasive testing method for the diagnosis of gastro-intestinal diseases.   More...
08 Apr 2014
Image: Tecan offers a wide range of solutions for mass spectrometry sample preparation (Photo courtesy of Tecan).

Automation Technology Helps Eliminate Tedious Sample Preparation

A wide range of laboratory automation solutions for routine mass spectrometry sample preparation are now available.   More...
08 Apr 2014
Image: Schematics of the Qloudlab smartphone device (Photo courtesy of Alain Herzog).

Smartphone Device Created Performs Blood Tests

A smartphone device has been created that can perform blood tests—an innovation that could improve the quality of life for people undergoing treatment for the prevention of blood clots.  More...
03 Apr 2014

Proteomic Profiling Enables Earlier Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

A newly developed method has correctly identified pancreatic cancer potential with higher accuracy than cytology and cyst fluid carcinoembryonic antigen testing, and could be used to improve prevention and reduce unwarranted surgery.  More...
02 Apr 2014

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