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11 Feb 2016 - 12 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016 - 20 Feb 2016
25 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016

Lab Tech.

Identification of Single Biomolecules Could Soon Be Even Faster

Scientists have developed a breakthrough new method that may soon enable the capture of individual biological molecules 1,000 times faster, leading to more efficient research and diagnostic detection for important medical conditions.  More...
08 Feb 2016

Fluorescence Microscopy Technique Rapidly Determines Antibiotic Susceptibility

A recently developed diagnostic method that does not rely on culture growth or knowledge of the genes that convey resistance is based on quantitative fluorescence microscopy and enables the rapid determination of the antibiotic susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus isolates.  More...
07 Feb 2016

Dermatopathology Specimens Examined by Smartphone-Based Microscopy

The incorporation of high-resolution cameras into smartphones has allowed for a variety of medical applications including the use of lens attachments that provide telescopic, macroscopic, and dermatoscopic data.   More...
01 Feb 2016

Microfiber Pad Helps Collect Uncontaminated Urine Samples

A new noninvasive microfiber pad draws urine samples in seconds, preventing cross-contamination during collection.  More...
27 Jan 2016

Paper-Based DNA Amplification Test to Simplify Infectious Disease Diagnostics

A simple and rapid paper-based diagnostic platform for diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms was described in a recent paper.  More...
24 Jan 2016
Micromedic Technologies

New Data Filtering Tool Helps Identify Pathogenic Mutations

A new tool designed to assist geneticists to differentiate between pathogenic and harmless mutations is now available on the Internet.  More...
24 Jan 2016

Microfluidic Device Automatically Monitors Whole Blood Hemostasis

An assay has been devised for testing blood's clotting tendency, also known as hemostasis, which could one day prove lifesaving in a variety of clinical situations in which a patient's health is jeopardized by abnormal blood coagulation and platelet function.  More...
20 Jan 2016

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