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Lab Tech.


Automated Slide Processors Ease Workload in Cytology Labs

Gynecological samples can now be processed on two new instruments that equip the laboratory with state-of-the-art automation and productivity for preparing cytology slides.   More...
24 Nov 2015

New Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Introduced at Medica 2015

A new state-of-the-art clinical chemistry analyzer has been unveiled at the Düsseldorf, Medica 2015 biomedical instrumentation fair.  More...
22 Nov 2015
Image: The 4 main components of the newly developed “lab-in-a-briefcase.” (1) Disposable multiple syringe aspirator (MSA) devices, each of which can perform 10 replicate ELISA tests on each of the 8 samples. (2) Customized microwell plates preloaded with reagents that interface with the MSA. (3) Portable USB-powered film scanner for colorimetric signal quantification. (4) Portable computer for real-time data analysis (Photo courtesy of Barbosa AI et al., 2015, and the journal Lab on a Chip.)

First Lab-in-a-Briefcase to Boost Global Early Diagnosis of Cancer

To help boost early cancer detection rates worldwide, scientists have developed an all-in-one portable mini-laboratory for point-of-care cancer screening, rapid detection, and monitoring. The prototype successfully tested for prostate cancer, and can operate at even at high temperatures often found in remote areas without air-conditioned clinics.  More...
18 Nov 2015

Rapid Ebola Virus Detection Assay Evaluated

Ebolavirus infection is mainly diagnosed by various in-house and commercial real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction assays used in up to 38 laboratories implemented at or close to Ebola treatment centers in West Africa.  More...
17 Nov 2015

System Portfolio Includes High Medical Value Virology Assays

New commercial virology assays offer the latest generation of performance with dual target technology for Human immunodeficiency virus 1 and dual probe technology forHepatitis C virus.   More...
17 Nov 2015
Sekisui Diagnostics
Image: The device provides a simple, inexpensive, and quick test for the diagnosis and monitoring of sickle cell disease using a common smartphone (Photo courtesy of Peter Morenus).

Easy Test for Sickle Cell Disease Developed

A simple, inexpensive, and quick technique has been developed for the diagnosis and monitoring of sickle cell disease that can be used in regions where advanced medical technology and training are scarce.  More...
16 Nov 2015

Adoption of New Digital Pathology PACS to Improve Cancer Care for Patients in Sweden

Physicians at the Linköping University Hospital are rolling out a new Internet Technology solution for the Pathology Department, after completing testing of the system.  More...
11 Nov 2015

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