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Lab Tech.

Rapid Technique Described for Detection of KRAS Mutations in Pathology Specimens

A recent paper described a rapid and inexpensive method for detecting KRAS mutations in clinical biopsy specimens of lung and colorectal cancers. More...
20 Jun 2016
Image: Smartphone technology has been applied for evaluating the physical stress experienced by biological samples during transit in a hospital\'s pneumatic tube transport system (Photo courtesy of the University of Virginia Health System).

Smartphone-based Method Introduced for Evaluating Pneumatic Tube Systems

Investigators at the University of Virginia Health System (Charlottesville, USA) used accelerometer, chronometer, video, and illumination smartphone applications to evaluate the conditions during transport through the facility's pneumatic tube system following the discovery of some damaged blood sample tubes. More...
13 Jun 2016
Image: A biosensor detects molecules linked to neurodegenerative diseases and cancer (Photo courtesy of University of Campinas).

Electronic Device Detects Molecules Linked To Neurodegenerative Diseases

A biosensor has been developed and has proven capable of detecting molecules associated with neurodegenerative diseases and some types of cancer. The device is basically a single-layer organic nanometer-scale transistor on a glass slide. More...
09 Jun 2016

Urine Trumps Blood For Zika Testing

Limited data suggest Zika virus is excreted in multiple body fluids, including urine and saliva and that urine and saliva might be more appropriate specimens than blood samples for evaluating Zika virus disease. More...
08 Jun 2016

Egg Size Differentiates Causative Agents of Human Diphyllobothriosis

Tapeworms of the order Diphyllobothriidea are parasites of tetrapods and several species may infect man and cause neglected human disease called diphyllobothriosis, which occurs in areas where lakes and rivers coexist with human consumption of raw or undercooked freshwater fish. More...
07 Jun 2016
Image: The metagenomics pathogen detection tool could change how infectious diseases are diagnosed (Photo courtesy of the University of Utah).

Internet-Based Tool Simplifies Infectious Disease Diagnosis

An Internet-based tool for diagnosis of infectious diseases through the rapid interpretation of DNA sequencing data is now available to the medical community. More...
07 Jun 2016

Urine Dipstick Method Developed for Malaria Diagnosis

Malaria is the world’s most important tropical parasitic disease and a leading cause of death worldwide and the disease is caused by the parasite, Plasmodium species and transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. More...
06 Jun 2016

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