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BRAF Mutation Detection Assay Earmarked for New PCR-based Molecular Diagnostics System

A fully automated real-time PCR based molecular diagnostics system and a dedicated assay that identifies cancers driven by the BRAF oncogene recently received European CE marking certification.   More...
29 Oct 2014

DNA-Based Blood Test Detects Down Syndrome as Early as the Tenth Week of Pregnancy

Down syndrome can now be detected using a noninvasive blood test to evaluate cell-free DNA found in maternal blood as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy.   More...
28 Oct 2014
DRG International
DiagCor Bioscience

Device Developed for Rapid On-Site Pathogen Diagnostics

A novel nanotechnology-based prototype device can detect pathogens such as Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever viruses – quickly and on-site.  More...
27 Oct 2014
Image: The prototype polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) chip containing a cascading microchannel network for multi-stage exosome analysis (Photo courtesy of the University of Kansas).

Circulating Exosomes Analysis Uses Microfluidic Technology

A new microfluidic approach has been developed to streamline and expedite the exosome analysis pipeline by integrating specific immunoisolation and targeted protein analysis of circulating exosomes.  More...
23 Oct 2014

New Low-Cost Technique Detects Rotavirus

A new measurement method that increases the capacity to detect biological substances such as Rotavirus using optical biosensors has been discovered and patented.   More...
22 Oct 2014
Life Technologies

Biomarker Found for Epithelial Cancer Stem Cells

Tumors are mosaics of cells that are morphologically and molecularly very different and over the past years have been suggested to be responsible for the origin of cancer and for the resistance to conventional chemical therapies.  More...
20 Oct 2014

Glucose Monitoring System Cleared for Hospital Critical Care Units

A blood glucose monitoring system has been cleared and its use extended to critically ill patients who have been hospitalized.  More...
17 Oct 2014

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