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AB Sciex
Bio-Rad Diabetes Division

Lab Tech.

DNA-Based Droplet System Rapidly Detects Bacterial Infection in the Bloodstream

A new test for bacterial infection in the bloodstream is based on an innovative DNA labeling and particle counting system.  More...
24 Nov 2014
Image: The prototype of a diagnostic device that determines whether the prostate tissue sample is benign or malignant in 90 seconds (Photo courtesy of Fraunhofer IKTS).

Device Rapidly Diagnoses Prostate Cancer

A new device facilitates the diagnosis of prostate cancer for doctors distinguishing between benign and malignant prostate tissue and through a visual analysis, the device can reliably determine if it is carcinoma within a minute-and-a-half.  More...
19 Nov 2014
DiagCor Bioscience

Kidney Transplant Patients Identified at High Risk of Rejection

A quantitative real-time PCR-based assay can identify kidney transplant patients who are at high risk of acute rejection.  More...
19 Nov 2014

Novel Device Yields Close-Up Look at Metastasis

A laboratory device has been invented that gives an unprecedented microscopic look at metastasis, the complex way that tumor cells spread through the body, causing more than 90% of cancer-related deaths.  More...
17 Nov 2014
Image: Open qPCR, the new lower cost and world's first open-source real-time PCR thermocycler (Photo courtesy of Chai Biotechnologies).

World's First Open-Source Real-Time PCR Thermocycler Launched

Priced at a tenth the cost of traditional cyclers, the low-cost qPCR thermocycler will especially benefit lesser-funded laboratories and can facilitate diagnostics in developing countries.  More...
17 Nov 2014
Sekisui Diagnostics

New Instrument Automates Droplet Generation for Digital Droplet PCR Systems

Biotech researchers and other life scientists working with PCR techniques will be interested in the availability of a new instrument that automates and standardizes droplet generation for droplet digital PCR.  More...
10 Nov 2014
Image: Schematic diagram of the Synthetic Gene Network for detecting viral RNA molecules (Photo courtesy of the Wyss Institute).

Synthetic Gene Networks Enable Rapid Virus Detection

An original method for using engineered gene circuits has been developed that allows investigators to safely activate the cell-free, paper-based system by simply adding water.  More...
05 Nov 2014

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