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Lab Tech.

Rapid Influenza Detection Tests Evaluated for Viral Antigens

Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) has a high sensitivity and a high specificity for the rapid diagnosis of influenza infection; however, the high cost and necessity of specialized equipment have limited the use of RT-PCR in the clinical setting. More...
01 Dec 2016

Urinary Lipoarabinomannan Assay Screens for Active Tuberculosis

Symptom-based screening misses approximately one-quarter of active tuberculosis (TB) cases among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected adults, and a more recent study suggested this might be as high as 76% of active TB cases in western South Africa. More...
29 Nov 2016

Portable Breath Device Could Help Diagnose Diabetes

A new, portable breath analyzer has been developed that could someday help medical practitioners diagnose diabetes noninvasively without painful pinpricks, needles or other unpleasant methods. More...
25 Nov 2016
Image: A USB stick device that determines HIV viral load (Photo courtesy of Imperial College London).

Miniature Test Device Rapidly Measures Patient HIV Load

A device for measuring levels of HIV virus particles has been built into a USB stick for rapid use by an individual to monitor his/her viral load or as an alternative to laboratory instrumentation in remote locations. More...
22 Nov 2016

Fluorescent Sensor Provides Low-Cost Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

A new diagnostic test has been developed for cystic fibrosis and the new device provides a cheaper, easier way to detect levels of chloride in sweat, which are elevated in cystic fibrosis patients. More...
17 Nov 2016

Novel Method Developed to Diagnose Buruli Ulcer

A Buruli ulcer is a subcutaneous skin disease listed among the neglected tropical diseases, and early case detection and management is very important to reduce morbidity and the accompanied characteristic disfiguring nature of the disease. More...
09 Nov 2016

New Technology Could Help Diagnose Sepsis in Hours

Researchers have developed a microfluidics chip that detected mock-sepsis conditions within a few hours, instead of at least two days by currently used methods. As sepsis left untreated can be fatal in as little as two days, a rapid blood test would provide medical professionals with a critical window of time in which to begin early antibiotics treatment of diagnosed patients. More...
08 Nov 2016

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