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Lab Tech.

New Approach Developed to Diagnose Tuberculosis

The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis usually includes laboratory analysis of sputum, a viscous material derived from deep in the airways of patients with active disease which can be difficult to collect and analyze by microbiological and molecular techniques.   More...
26 Mar 2015

New Electronic Pipette Simplifies Liquid Handling Tasks

A new generation of electronic pipettes was designed to make routine liquid handling tasks easier for biotechnology and other life science laboratory workers.  More...
24 Mar 2015

Gas Sensing Capsule Could Uphold Gut Health

A novel ingestible capsule can measure the concentration of selected intestinal gases, opening new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and health analysis.  More...
23 Mar 2015
Image: The quantitative electrochemical lateral flow assay (QELFA) device (Photo courtesy of Somersault 18:24).

Medical Device Combines Nanotechnology to Diagnose Kidney Disease

A new medical device which combines nanotechnology with a pregnancy tester could help diagnose and treat the one million people in the UK who don't know they have kidney disease.   More...
18 Mar 2015
Image: The new Ecosystem solution and approach helps tackle data management challenges faced by point-of-care coordinators in the clinical laboratory (Photo courtesy of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics).

Increasing Point-of-Care Testing Workload Addressed with New Integrated Systems Solution

Challenges faced by clinical laboratory point-of-care coordinators can now be more efficiently tackled with an innovative approach developed as a new component of an informatics solution for managing in vitro diagnostics analyzers and operators.  More...
18 Mar 2015
Image: Schematics of the unique fluid transport property of the platform is demonstrated in the figure using dye-containing fluids (Photo courtesy of Labonachip LLC).

Lab-on-Paper Developed for Rapid Inexpensive Medical Diagnostics

A new paper-based platform has been created for conducting a wide range of complex medical diagnostics including Lyme disease, human immunodeficiency virus, Ebolavirus disease and malaria.   More...
16 Mar 2015

Blood-Based Diagnostic Determines Hormonal Status of Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor status is prognostic and predictive in breast cancer and because metastatic breast tumor biopsies are not routinely feasible, circulating tumor cells offer an alternative source of determining ER/PR tumor status.  More...
12 Mar 2015

LabMedica's Lab Technology channel informs on laboratory medicine techniques, while keeping an eye on new hardware, LIM software, consumables, and lab trends, techniques and safety.


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