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Lab Tech.

Image: The Capnogard 1265 capnometer (Photo courtesy Novametrix Medical Systems Inc.).

Breath Test Indicates Biomarker for Early-Stage Liver Disease

Patients with liver disease do not often present with symptoms until the disease is advanced and even then diagnosis is difficult and the symptoms and signs are often general and can be mistaken for other pathologies.  More...
25 Aug 2015
Image: The workflow of the Lab-on-a-Disc device for identifying bacteria in urine samples. From left to right (i) Urine sample from patient; (ii) Capturing bacteria in V-cup-structures on a Lab-on-a-Disk platform by centrifugation; (iii) Raman spectroscopic analysis of captured bacteria within the V-cups; (iv) Fingerprint-like spectroscopic information on the UTI pathogen (Photo courtesy of Ute Neugebauer).

Microfluidic Device Rapidly Detects Urinary Tract Infections

A polymeric centrifugal microfluidic platform has been developed for the rapid and sensitive identification of bacteria directly from urine, thus eliminating time-consuming cultivation steps.  More...
24 Aug 2015

Novel Drug Testing Technology Featured at AACC 2015

The 2015 AACC Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo featured new science and novel technology in all areas of clinical diagnostics. Market researcher Kalorama Information attends the AACC meeting annually and notes developments for its reports on the in vitro diagnostic market. Here, Kalorama notes the presentation of a unique approach to drugs-of-abuse testing via a new technology for urine-based drug testing.  More...
24 Aug 2015

High-Speed Multimode Microplate Reader Receives Homogenous Time-Resolved Fluorescence Certification

A new high-performance, high-speed microplate reader has received HTRF accreditation that certifies that it complies with standards for detection set by a major manufacturer of HTRF reagents.  More...
20 Aug 2015

Innovative Options Available for Automated Liquid Handling System Upgrade

A number of new hardware and software options that enable biotech and other life science researchers to perform a much wider range of applications are now available to augment a line of advanced automated sample and liquid handling platforms.  More...
20 Aug 2015
Image: The visual comparison of human sputum samples: (R) an un-liquefied raw sputum sample; (V) a sputum sample liquefied using a vortex mixer; (A) a sputum sample liquefied using the acoustofluidic device (Photo courtesy of Prof. Tony Jun Huang, PhD).

Point-of-Care Processor Diagnoses Asthma and Tuberculosis

Effective processing and analysis of sputum samples are critical to the development of diagnostic platforms and personalized treatment approaches for pulmonary diseases, ranging from asthma to tuberculosis.   More...
19 Aug 2015
Image: Preparation of clinical blood samples for test-flights by small drone. (1) Left: Custom-cut foam block. (2) Right: Placement of sealed foam lock in the bio-hazard bags as well as absorbent material for potential sample containment (Photos courtesy of Johns Hopkins Medicine and PLOS One).

Successful Transport of Blood Samples with Small Drones

A proof-of-concept, initial study has shown that small unmanned aerial systems could potentially be used to transport clinical blood specimens for diagnostics without damage to the specimens.  More...
18 Aug 2015

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