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AB Sciex

Lab Tech.

New Control Helps Monitor C. difficile Assays with Higher Confidence

A ready-to-use Clostridium difficile control set for use with human stool samples improves diagnostic assay performance-monitoring and reliability of results.  More...
01 Sep 2014

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Diagnosed by Press Imprint Smear

The diagnostic method of choice for cutaneous leishmaniasis historically has been microscopic demonstration of the parasite and isolation of the protozoa in culture and detection of parasite DNA by molecular diagnostic methods.  More...
28 Aug 2014
DiagCor Bioscience

Lyophilized Mastermixes and qPCR Kits Assist Pathogen Detection

A range of real-time polymerase chain reaction kits is offered for human pathogen detection, food testing, veterinary and agricultural testing, biothreat detection, and more.  More...
26 Aug 2014
Image: A technical breakthrough for DNA imaging has been achieved that should quicken diagnosis of diseases for which analysis of DNA from single-cells is critical, such as early stage cancers and various pre-natal conditions (Photo courtesy of McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Center).

Breakthrough DNA Analysis Technology to Hasten Problem Diagnosis

Researchers have achieved a technical breakthrough that should result in speedier diagnosis of diseases for which analysis of DNA from single-cells is critical, such as early stage cancers and various prenatal conditions.   More...
25 Aug 2014

Nasal Test Developed to Diagnose Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

A nasal brush test has been developed that can rapidly and accurately diagnose Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an incurable and ultimately fatal neurodegenerative disorder.  More...
20 Aug 2014
Life Technologies
Image: RNAscope detects TP63 mRNA expression in human prostate tissue (Photo courtesy of Advanced Cell Diagnostics).

RNA Biomarker Assay Now Manufactured According to Strict ISO Regulatory Criteria

A line of diagnostic kits that measures RNA biomarkers with single-molecule sensitivity is now being manufactured under the stringent requirements of ISO 13485:2003 certification.   More...
19 Aug 2014
Image: The photo on the left shows the entire three-in-one spectroscopy system on an easily transportable utility cart. The right photo is a close-up of the probe (Photo courtesy of the University of Texas, Austin).

Combined Spectroscopy System Rapidly Scans Skin Lesions for Cancer Signs

A team of biomedical engineers has designed an instrument for the rapid diagnosis of skin cancer that does not rely on examination of biopsy specimens.  More...
19 Aug 2014

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