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Lab Tech.

Image: Nanofiber membranes inside a paper-porous test strip form the basis of blood clot test (Photo courtesy of the University of Cincinnati).

Novel Technology Detects Blood Clots With Simple POC Test

Patients with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, kidney disease and others who are at risk for blood clotting are especially vulnerable when blood-thinning medication levels get too weak or too strong. More...
25 May 2016
Image: Candida albicans growing on Sabouraud agar (Photo courtesy of Dr. William Kaplan / CDC).

Chemical Sensor Rapidly Detects Fungal Infections

An elevated concentration of D-arabitol, a simple sugar alcohol, in urine, especially compared to that of L-arabitol or creatinine, is indicative of a fungal infection, which can become deadly. More...
19 May 2016
Image: The lab-on-a-chip device integrates a fiber optic biosensor with a microfluidic chip and detects glucose levels from droplets of sweat. It is shown here next to a Hong Kong dollar, which is the same size as the USD coin (Photo courtesy of Dr. A. Ping Zhang).

Microfluidic Chip Developed For Ultrasensitive Glucose Detection

Highly sensitive and rapid detection of blood glucose is a diagnostic necessity in medicine as, for instance, lack of insulin and too much blood sugar are two main causes of diabetes, both of which can be detected by measuring blood glucose. More...
18 May 2016
Image: The Varian Scimitar Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy instrument (Photo courtesy of S. Levchenkov).

Infrared Technology Used To Screen For Minimally Invasive Colitis

Inflammatory bowel diseases, which include ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, involve chronic inflammation of all or part of the digestive tract and can lead to life-threatening complications such as colorectal cancer. More...
18 May 2016

Palm-Sized Device Quickly Detects Ebola Virus

The gold standard method for identifying the Ebola virus in a blood sample requires packaging samples in cooled containers and sending them to specialized laboratories, often far away from where patients live. More...
18 May 2016

CRISPR-based Technology Enables High-Resolution Zika Detection On Low-Cost Paper Discs

Building off their earlier innovative development in “programmable diagnostics”, researchers on an international, multi-institutional team recently joined efforts to quickly prototype their low-cost rapid test with the goal that it could soon be used to screen samples (blood, urine, or saliva) for Zika virus and strain identification. More...
16 May 2016

Microbiologists Display Prototype of Rapid Bacteriological Test Device

A prototype rapid diagnostic device was shown in a proof-of-concept study to identify pathogenic microorganisms with accuracy comparable to that of bacterial culture but with much shorter turnaround time. More...
16 May 2016

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