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Lab Tech.

Novel Device Enables Rapid Identification of Brain Cancer Type

A device has been developed for quick, accurate identification of a mutation strongly associated with a cancer that affects the central nervous system, potentially enabling accurate removal of the entire tumor during an operation. More...
20 Oct 2016

UTI Testing Technology Cuts Screening Time Significantly

Most urinary tract infections (UTI) are mild, but serious cases can lead to hospitalization and at worst, bacteria can enter the bloodstream causing urosepsis, a life-threatening condition. In this case antibiotics are vital and must be given immediately. More...
12 Oct 2016

Quick Test Detects Inflammation in Diabetic Patients

A new kit has been developed that will allow doctors to find out within minutes if diabetic patients are suffering from inflammation. Current procedures require patients to wait for several hours for the results obtained from the conventional full blood count test. More...
12 Oct 2016

New Technology Quickly Diagnoses Malaria

The gold standard for malaria diagnosis is manual microscopic evaluation of Giemsa stained blood smears; however, the utility of this approach is limited by the skill of an expert microscopist. Further, both the staining process and microscopic examination can be time consuming. More...
06 Oct 2016
Image: A single electro-optical device: ohmic contacts fabricated on the doped silicon substrate allow electrochemical control over the sensor surface (Photo courtesy of the University of York).

Electrophotonic Silicon Biosensor Speeds Up Blood Test Analyses

A new sensor has been developed that is capable of detecting multiple proteins and enzymes in a small volume of blood, which could significantly speed up diagnostic healthcare processes. More...
29 Sep 2016
Image: A molecular chain reaction detects the presence of proteins in blood and plasma in a way that is faster and simpler (Photo courtesy of UCLA).

Method Developed to Speed Up Detection of Infectious Diseases

A method to speed and simplify the detection of proteins in blood and plasma has been described opening up the potential for diagnosing the early presence of infectious diseases or cancer during a doctor’s office visit. More...
22 Sep 2016

Nanofluidic Diffraction Grating Technique for DNA Amplification May Replace PCR

A team of Japanese biophysicists suggests replacing the RT-PCR (real time polymerase chain reaction) technique with a rapid label-free detection method for real-time DNA amplification using a nanofluidic diffraction grating. More...
21 Sep 2016

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