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Lab Tech.

Clinically Significant Yeasts Identified by MALDI-TOF MS Systems

The performance of two matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry systems has been evaluated for the identification of clinically significant yeast isolates.   More...
24 Sep 2014
Image: Close-up of a prototype device for point-of-care testing of anemia. The device could enable more rapid diagnosis of the common blood disorder and allow inexpensive at-home self-monitoring of persons with chronic forms of the disease (Photo courtesy of Emory University).

Rapid Anemia Test Compares Favorably with Hospital Hemoglobin Analyzers

A prototype point-of-care testing device for anemia was evaluated and found to deliver results compatible with those obtained on a hospital hematology analyzer.  More...
23 Sep 2014
DiagCor Bioscience
Image: An acoustically powered pumping device with 250 micron long oscillating structures driven by a piezoelectric transducer mounted on a glass slide shown next to US copper penny (Photo courtesy of Po-Hsun Huang and Tony Jun Huang).

Micropump Developed for Lab-On-A-Chip Disease Diagnosis

A reliable, inexpensive, programmable pump is a crucial feature for lab-on-a-chip devices that could make the diagnosis of many global life-threatening diseases easy and affordable.  More...
18 Sep 2014
Image: Researchers have demonstrated potential for a new, noninvasive method to screen for prostate cancer using a detection system that combines surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) with support vector machine (SVM) techniques (Photo courtesy of Prof. S. Li and Guangdong Medical College).

Novel Method Developed for More Effective Noninvasive Prostate Cancer Screening

Comparing healthy volunteers and prostate cancer patients, researchers have successfully shown that their new method, which builds on the use of SERS spectroscopy of silver nanoparticles mixed with blood samples, could reveal cases of cancer.  More...
17 Sep 2014

Sound Waves Separate Tumor and Blood Cells

A device has been developed that can test a cancer patient's blood for rare tumor cells and will be extremely useful for checking if a tumor is going to spread.  More...
11 Sep 2014
Life Technologies
Image: The Freedom4 PCR unit for field use was developed by (L-R) Ms. Christy Rand, Mr. Chris Mason, Dr. Chris Rawle, and Dr. Jo-Ann Stanton (Photo courtesy of the University of Otago).

PCR-Based Diagnostics Move Out of the Lab and into the Field

Researchers in New Zealand have revealed a novel battery-powered, handheld quantitative PCR analyzer for use under field conditions to detect minute levels of viral or bacterial DNA.  More...
11 Sep 2014

Newly CE-Marked Automated Respiratory Disease Assay Now Available

A dedicated “laboratory in a cartridge” that enables the simultaneous diagnosis of influenza A and B and RSV is now available for use on one of the world's leading diagnostic platforms.  More...
09 Sep 2014

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