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Genetic Tests

Image: The replacement of the amino acid arginine by a cysteine at position 117 in POT1p.R117C produces conformational changes in the protein that are incompatible with an efficient connection to the telomere, inducing an aberrant telomere elongation and fragile telomeres in the mutated cells (Photo courtesy of CNIO).

Mutated Gene Found in Families with Multiple Tumors

Cardiac angiosarcoma is a rare but malignant disease and in the case of hereditary CAS, the median survival expectancy is only four months because the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage.   More...
06 Oct 2015

Virome Capture Sequencing Enables Sensitive Viral Diagnosis

Insensitivity and technical complexity have impeded the implementation of high-throughput nucleic acid sequencing in differential diagnosis of viral infections in clinical laboratories.   More...
06 Oct 2015
Dubai Bio Expo-2015

DNA Alterations Identified Occur Earliest in Lung Cancer Development

Lungs resected for adenocarcinomas often harbor minute discrete foci of cytologically atypical pneumocyte proliferations designated as atypical adenomatous hyperplasia, which may represent an initial step in the progression to adenocarcinoma in situ.  More...
01 Oct 2015

New Virus Identified in Blood Supply

Transfusion of blood or blood-derived products can save lives and improve health but requires safety measures for preventing bystander transmission of infectious agents.  More...
01 Oct 2015

Micro Ribonucleic Nucleic Acid Panel Assays Launched

A novel approach has been developed by combinations of micro ribonucleic nucleic acid specific reverse transcriptase and hemi-nested real-time polymerase chain reaction primers that have been designed to maximize miRNA detection sensitivity and specificity.  More...
29 Sep 2015

Pancreatic Cancer Tumor and Stroma Subtypes Discovered

Using a novel approach in the largest gene expression analysis to-date of pancreatic cancer, researchers have identified subtypes of PC tumors and of surrounding stroma tissue, potentially paving the way for more personalized therapeutics.  More...
21 Sep 2015

Gene Signature Predicts Alzheimer's Disease

Novel genomic diagnostics that predict future health risks will help guide targeted preventative measures and enable the evaluation of individualized treatment strategies for many prevalent diseases of older age.  More...
21 Sep 2015

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