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Genetic Tests

Neglected Malaria Subspecies Characterized by Novel Molecular Assay

Plasmodium ovale subspecies are similar based on morphology and geographical distribution, but allelic differences indicate that P. ovale curtisi and P. ovale wallikeri are genetically divergent.  More...
27 Jan 2015

New Gene Identified That Drives Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

A novel gene has been discovered that, when mutated, can drive development and progression of triple-negative breast cancer which is an aggressive form of the disease that accounts for 10% to 20% of breast cancers.  More...
26 Jan 2015
Image: For each chromosome, key SNPs are displayed above the chromosome and non-key SNPs below the chromosome, enabling users to determine the accuracy of haploblock calling. SNPs failed to be called are displayed as white points in the middle of the chromosome (Photo courtesy of Illumina).

Karyomapping Proposed as Alternative to Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Evaluation of IVF Embryos

British researchers have suggested that karyomapping is a viable and cost-effective method for detecting a wide range of genetic diseases in IVF embryos.  More...
20 Jan 2015

Data Reinforce HPV as First-Line Test in Cervical Cancer Screening

Newly published data from a 3-year trial support new, interim professional guidance from medical societies on use of human papillomavirus as a first-line test in cervical cancer screening for women from age 25.   More...
19 Jan 2015

Multiplex Assays Detect HSV-1/2 And Varicella Zoster Virus

The performance of two multiplex real-time polymerase chain reactions to individual real-time PCR for the detection of herpes simplex virus-1, HSV-2, and Varicella zoster virus from clinical specimens have been compared.   More...
13 Jan 2015

DNA Sequencing of Liquid Biopsy Specimens Increases Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Next-generation sequencing analysis of DNA in the serum, a technique called liquid biopsy, can distinguish between prostate cancer patients, normal individuals, patients with benign hyperplasia, and those with noncancerous prostatitis.  More...
13 Jan 2015

Newborn Screening Test Detects Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency is a group of disorders caused by defects in genes involved in the development and function of T-cells and other infection-fighting immune cells.   More...
08 Jan 2015

Genetic Testing channel of LabMedica brings the latest in molecular genetics, cytogenetics, and epigenetics, and methods from PCR to FISH, and more.


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