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Genetic Tests

Black Grain Eumycetoma Causative Agents Identified by Molecular Method

A rapid, simple, and highly efficient molecular based method for identification of the causative agents of black grain eumycetoma has been introduced, aiming to improve diagnostics in endemic areas.   More...
18 Dec 2014

Early Gene Changes Identified That Precede Blood Cancer

DNA samples have been used to uncover early, precancerous genetic changes in the blood that are linked to increased chances of developing blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma or myelodysplastic syndrome.   More...
16 Dec 2014
DiagCor Bioscience
Image: Histopathology of triple negative breast cancer (Photo courtesy of Joe Segen).

Gene Uncovered Associated with Aggressive Breast Cancer

A biomarker has been identified that is strongly associated with triple negative breast cancer, a highly aggressive carcinoma that often has early relapse and metastasis following chemotherapy.   More...
15 Dec 2014
Image: Proposed mechanism of genetic material from tumor entering into circulation (Photo courtesy of University of Utah).

Tumor Markers in Blood Underpins Future Bowel Cancer Screening

The positivity from a two-gene DNA blood test increases with the depth of cancer invasion, tumor size, stage and presence of metastases in bowel cancer patients.   More...
10 Dec 2014
Image: Photomicrograph of endometriosis of the ovary (Photo courtesy of Nephron).

Noninvasive Test for Endometriosis Developed

Endometriosis is diagnosed and staged at surgery, resulting in an 11-year latency from symptom onset to diagnosis, underscoring the need for less invasive, less expensive approaches.   More...
08 Dec 2014
Sekisui Diagnostics

Nanoflares Detect Live Tumor Cells in Human Blood

Metastasis portends a poor prognosis for cancer patients and primary tumor cells disseminate through the bloodstream before the appearance of detectable metastatic lesions.  More...
08 Dec 2014

Real-Time Genome Sequencing Helps Control Hospital Outbreak

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) of bacterial isolates provides a promising contemporary method for investigating the epidemiology of outbreaks, particularly when coupled to clinical locational and temporal data.   More...
02 Dec 2014

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