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Genetic Tests

Mutated Group B Streptococcus Causes Neonatal Sepsis

Streptococcus agalactiae or group B Streptococcus is a commensal of the human gut and genitourinary tract, and a leading cause of neonatal infections, in which vertical transmission from mother to child remains the most frequent route of contamination.  More...
02 Sep 2015
Image: The final result of a DNA sequencing process, with each color representing one of the four base chemicals, adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, that comprise DNA (Photo courtesy of Gerald Barber).

Gene Sequencing Reference Standard Increases Accuracy for Medical Laboratories

To reduce the variability in genetic test results that has been observed across different clinical laboratories and pathology groups, a new standard DNA reference has been introduced, which will improve transparency in the quality and accuracy of genetic test results produced by medical laboratories.   More...
01 Sep 2015
Dubai Bio Expo-2015

Globally Accurate Diagnostic Test Developed for Herpes

A universally accurate diagnostic test for human herpes simplex viruses may soon be developed and that may also lead to the development of a vaccine that protects against the virus.  More...
25 Aug 2015

Padlock Probe Assay Rapidly Detects Cardiac Disease Gene Mutations

A recent paper described a novel next generation sequencing assay for detecting cardiac disease gene mutations with improved accuracy, flexibility, turnaround time, and cost.   More...
25 Aug 2015

Biomarker Identified in Breast and Prostate Cancers

A novel genetic biomarker has been identified responsible for the progression of many breast and prostate cancers and these finding could bolster efforts to better identify patients who respond to certain types of chemotherapy drugs that attack the most aggressive forms of cancer.  More...
25 Aug 2015
Image: Immunohistochemical staining of colorectal adenocarcinoma showing nuclear and cytoplasmic staining for β-catenin (Photo courtesy of Indiana University School of Medicine).

Biomarker Tied to Poor Survival for Colorectal Cancer Patients

Biomarkers for predicting prognosis are critical to treating colorectal cancer patients, and a subunit of a signalosome is overexpressed in CRC samples and that overexpression is correlated with poor patient survival.  More...
25 Aug 2015

Microscopy and Molecular Assay Compared for Schistosomiasis Diagnosis

The current reference test for the detection of Schistosoma mansoni in endemic areas is stool microscopy based on one or more Kato-Katz stool smears, but this technique is highly observer-dependent and has suboptimal sensitivity.  More...
13 Aug 2015

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