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Genetic Tests

Image: Bone marrow aspirate of a patient with multiple myeloma showing large immature-appearing plasma cells with prominent nucleoli and finer nuclear chromatin (Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania State University).

Genetic Findings Explain Inherited Predisposition to Myeloma

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a malignancy of plasma cells that has a significant genetic component as evidenced by the two- to four-fold increased risk shown in relatives of MM patients. More...
21 Jul 2016

FDA Supports Expanded Claims for Carbapenem Resistance Test

An infection control aid that tests patient specimens to detect specific genetic markers associated with bacteria that are resistant to Carbapenem antibiotics has been cleared for marketing. More...
20 Jul 2016

Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Found in Urinary Samples

A biomarker helps physicians predict, diagnose or monitor disease, because the biomarker corresponds to the presence or risk of disease, and its levels may change as the disease progresses. More...
20 Jul 2016

Low-Cost Genetic Test Can Distinguish Bacterial from Viral Infections

Upon identifying a set of seven relevant genes, a breakthrough rapid blood test has been developed that, with further development and testing, may soon enable physicians to determine if a patient has a bacterial or viral infection. More...
19 Jul 2016
Image: Mitochondria. Researchers have inherited mutations in the TMEM126B gene that cause debilitating and often fatal disease from infancy, and have developed a rapid diagnostic test that has already identified 6 patients from 4 families (Image courtesy of Newcastle University).

Rapid Genetic Test Developed for an Often Fatal Mitochondrial Disease

Researchers have discovered disease-causing inherited mutations in the TMEM126B gene and developed a test providing rapid diagnosis of related mitochondrial disorders. Defects in TMEM126B cause problems with energy generation in muscles, and can lead to muscular weakness, blindness, fatal heart failure, liver failure, learning disability, diabetes, and seizures. There is currently no cure and affected children often die in early infancy. More...
19 Jul 2016

Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA Predicts Colon Cancer Recurrence

A team of American and Australian cancer researchers has demonstrated that circulating fragments of tumor DNA (ctDNA) could serve as a biomarker for identifying patients with high risk of recurrence of colon cancer. More...
18 Jul 2016
Image: The E220 focused-ultrasonicator for DNA fragmentation (Photo courtesy of Covaris).

Genetic Causes of Bowel Cancer Clarified

Colorectal cancer (CRC) displays a complex pattern of inheritance and it is postulated that much of the missing heritability of CRC is enshrined in high-impact rare alleles, which are mechanistically and clinically important. More...
14 Jul 2016

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