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Genetic Tests

Overexpression of X Chromosome Genes Is Biomarker for Female Mental Disorders

A recent paper suggested that elevated expression of the genes XIST and KDM5C could be used as a biological marker for diagnosis of major affective disorders in a significantly large subset of female patients from the general population.  More...
02 Jul 2015

Efficient Molecular Method Detects Pathogenic Leptospires

The diagnosis of leptospirosis, which primarily relies on antiquated serotyping methods, is particularly challenging due to presentation of non-specific symptoms shared by other febrile illnesses, often leading to misdiagnosis.   More...
30 Jun 2015
Image: Histopathology of an adenocarcinoma of the colon in which the glands are enlarged and filled with necrotic debris (Photo courtesy of Dr. Charanjeet Singh, MD).

Biomarkers Help Personalize Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treatment

In patients with metastatic colon cancer, response to first line chemotherapy is a strong predictor of overall survival, but currently, oncologists lack diagnostic tests to determine which chemotherapy regimen offers the greatest chance for response in an individual patient.  More...
30 Jun 2015

Gene Mutations Leave Patients Vulnerable to Severe Early Infections

A previously unknown genetic immunodeficiency linked to mutations in a gene deactivates many features of the immune system and leaves affected children open to a unique pattern of aggressive, potentially fatal infections early in life.   More...
30 Jun 2015
Image: Histopathology of an oligodendroglioma showing the characteristic branching, small, chicken wire-like blood vessels and fried egg-like cells, with clear cytoplasm and well-defined cell borders (Photo courtesy of Nephron).

Molecular Classification Improves Method to Diagnose Gliomas

The molecular makeup of brain tumors can be used to sort patients with gliomas into five categories, each with different clinical features and outcomes.   More...
29 Jun 2015
Image: Histopathology of interstitial edema in a cardiac transplant biopsy may be a sign of antibody-mediated rejection (Photo courtesy of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology).

Utility and Performance of Heart Transplant Test Confirmed

An innovative molecular blood test has been used following a heart transplant procedure and this test enables routine, noninvasive surveillance of acute cellular rejection, thereby assisting clinicians in the care and management of patients.  More...
25 Jun 2015
Image: The face of a patient with Bloom syndrome or congenital telangiectatic erythema, a rare autosomal recessive disorder (Photo courtesy of Dr. Amira M. Elbendary).

New Genetic Variants Identified for Bloom Syndrome

For many diseases, testing is limited to detecting only the most common variants that are associated with a particular ethnicity, such as Ashkenazi Jews, who are known to have genes that make them susceptible to a variety of diseases.  More...
25 Jun 2015

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