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Genetic Tests


Blood Test Could Identify Diabetes Decades Before It Develops

A small molecule circulates in the blood of people who are in the early stages of type 1 diabetes and a simple blood test could detect this biological marker years, maybe decades, before symptoms develop.  More...
23 Jul 2015

Consensus Guidelines for Thyroid Cancer Molecular Tests Revised

National guidelines for thyroid cancer testing have been revised to reflect newly available tests that better incorporate personalized medicine into diagnosing the condition.  More...
21 Jul 2015
Image: Immunofluorescence image of human stomach section stained for ARHGAP26 (green), epithelial cadherin (red), and cell nuclei (blue). Epithelial cadherin is present in all epithelial cell types of the stomach, whereas ARHGAP26 is restricted to parietal cells (Photo courtesy of A*STAR\'s Genome Institute of Singapore).

Genomic Aberrations of Asian Gastric Cancer Discovered

The fusion of two genes gives rise to the destruction of the stomach surface barrier, resulting in gastric acids affecting the stomach tissues; moreover, this fusion also hampers wound-healing.  More...
20 Jul 2015
Image: The MMprofiler – an gene expression signatures test that helps to accurately predict prognosis for patients with multiple myeloma and to provide information that could improve clinical treatment decisions (Photo courtesy of SkylineDx).

New Test Helps Predict Prognosis in Multiple Myeloma

A new genetic activity microarray-based test helps with accurate prognosis for patients with multiple myeloma and enables clinicians to adjust their treatment accordingly.   More...
15 Jul 2015

Sensitive Technique Detects Colorectal Cancer in Tissue Samples

A new sensitive technique has been developed that is capable of detecting colorectal cancer in tissue samples and the method could one day be used in clinical settings for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.   More...
14 Jul 2015

Blood Test Biomarker Differentiates Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer

A new biomarker that successfully differentiated patients with pancreatic cancer from those with another pancreatic disease could lead to a blood test that detects pancreatic cancer early enough for curative surgery to be feasible.  More...
14 Jul 2015

Massively Parallel Gene Function Assays Reduce Genetic Diagnoses Ambiguity

Genetic tests increasingly use more comprehensive multi-gene and whole-genome sequencing methods and it is becoming more common for patients to learn they carry a variant of unknown significance.  More...
08 Jul 2015

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