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18 Feb 2016 - 20 Feb 2016
25 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016

Genetic Tests

Prognostic Biomarker Found for Colon Cancer Patients

The majority of colon cancer patients whose tumors have started to travel to nearby tissue but no further are cured by surgery alone, but in a minority of these stage II colon cancer cases the cancer returns and the patients die.  More...
10 Feb 2016

Blood Test Improves Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

A simple blood test has been developed that is capable of detecting trace levels of leukemia cells remaining after intensive chemotherapy. The test can predict which patients with acute myeloid leukemia are at risk of their cancer returning in the future, helping to guide doctors on what further treatment is needed.   More...
10 Feb 2016

Aberrant Gene Expression Predicts Metastatic Endometrial and Lung Cancers

The spread of cancer cells from the initial site of occurrence, the primary site, to other secondary tissues is called metastasis, and contributes to poor or limited response of cancer cells to treatments, which results in death.  More...
10 Feb 2016

Fungal Infection Identified by Pathogen Detection Array Technology

Patients who are undergoing treatment for diseases such as cancer often face the added challenge of a compromised immune system, which can be challenging to both of their condition and the drugs used to treat it, leaving them vulnerable to various opportunistic infections.  More...
09 Feb 2016

Rapid Test Accurately Profiles Brain Tumor Genetics

Brain tumors can be rapidly and accurately profiled with a next-generation, gene-sequencing test recently developed. The test, called GlioSeq, is now being used by oncologists to help guide treatment planning of brain cancers.  More...
09 Feb 2016
Micromedic Technologies

Multiplex Quantitative Assays Detect Polyparasitism

Accurate quantitative assessment of infection with soil transmitted helminths and protozoa are essential to the interpretation of epidemiologic studies of these parasites, as well as for monitoring large scale treatment efficacy and effectiveness studies.  More...
09 Feb 2016

Identification of Single Biomolecules Could Soon Be Even Faster

Scientists have developed a breakthrough new method that may soon enable the capture of individual biological molecules 1,000 times faster, leading to more efficient research and diagnostic detection for important medical conditions.  More...
08 Feb 2016

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